Seventy five years ago, San Joaquin Memorial High School opened its doors to hundreds of students. The longstanding tradition of rigorous courses at SJM has always included a strong journalism program; although the journalism of seventy five years ago looked a lot different than what it is now. However the primary campus news-source is driven by the same spirit and motivation.


Thanks to the guidance of Maria Lorenzo ('01), and her daring journalism students, The Red and Blue became an integral part of SJM's campus environment that printed quality news content. 

In 2020, SJM was blessed to see the return of The Red and Blue - with a few exciting changes. For the first time ever, The Red and Blue went completely electronic. This innovative transition was helmed by Emma Farris ('21), who now studies film production and business at Chapman University. It is her greatest honor to have given new life to the program that changed hers. 

The Red and Blue continues to publish reliable news while exploring the endless possibilities of a digital creative platform. 

Welcome to The Red and Blue!



Get To Know Your Favorite Journalists

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Spencer Douangphouxay, Jacob Zarate, Charlotte Burks

Team Leads

Spencer, currently a Senior, enjoys two main things: leadership and service. He is this school year's ASB Vice President and loves to work with his team to plan events such as school dances and rallies to boost school spirit!

Jacob, currently a Junior, has been working with the Journalism department at SJM since he was a Freshman. He loves to read and write, and he is extremely grateful for all the wonderful writers and content creators in this year's Journalism class. He is also thankful for his Journalism model and Inspiration, emma Farris.

Charlotte, currently a Junior, is the head of the Red team, the written section, of the Red and Blue. Her hobbies include playing violin, reading (and annotating!) books, and on the weekend she volunteers in a scientific laboratory.

Samantha Villalvazo, Mia Fisher, Jazmine Cortez

Red Team Editors

Samantha, currently a Senior, enjoys talking and writing about politics, law, and history. She also has a passion for photography and photo editing. Samantha is the editor-in-chief of the yearbook. In her free time she loves to read and watch copious amounts of Law and Order SVU.

Mia, currently a Senior, is an Editor with the Red and Blue. She enjoys all types of writing but particularly enjoys crime and politics. She is actively involved at SJM and hopes that she can continue to pursue her love of writing in college.

Jazmine, currently a Senior is a cheerleader and a soccer player, who enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and doing art. Jazmine is excited for her senior year and cannot wait to share her articles with her fellow students. She plans on studying hard to become a lawyer in the near future

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Natalie Gonzales, Chanel Breton, Madison Keiffer

Blue Team Editors

Natalie, currently a Junior, is a new student at Memorial, she is very excited to be a part of the Panther family. This year in journalism she is looking forward to expanding the reach of the Red and Blue through its new YouTube channel.

Chanel, currently a Junior, loves volleyball and her custom converse. This year in journalism she is looking forward to sharing her love of cooking and baking and cannot wait to become more involved in the school community through the YouTube Channel.


currently a Junior, came to San Joaquin Memorial her sophomore year. She enjoys soccer and reading in her free time. This year for journalism she is looking forward to immersing herself in this community while also helping to build a better one for the whole school.

Gaby Garcia, Carla Sainz, Emily Cullins, Aja Evans, Mande Puente

Red Team Writers

Emily is a current Senior, Gaby, Aja, and Made are current Juniors, and Carla is a Sophomore this year at San Joaquin Memorial. Aja and Emily love to write, Carla loves to read books, Made dances, and Gaby likes to draw and listen to music in her free time. Together, they look forward to writing about their favorite topics and growing as writers.

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Marcelo Garcia, Sarah Marmolejo, Kelly Lee, Zoey Cardosa, Terrence "TJ" Hall

Blue Team Content Creators

Marcelo, Sarah, Kelly, Zoey, and TJ are current Seniors. Marcelo enjoys eating pineapple pizza, Sarah loves sports and cofeee, Kelly likes to animate, draw, and play Pokémon, ZOey enjoys leading and serving in her many leadership positions around the school, and TJ loves to play football. They are all excited to create content for the Red and Blue.

Hallie Pham, Teda Pel, Michael Moreno, Megan Mccraw, Birdie Rouse

Blue Team Podcasters

Hallie, Teda, Megan, and Birdie are current Seniors, and Michael is a Junior attending SJM. Hallie enjoys playing music and hiking, Teda loves to have a good time with friends and family, and Michael likes to think about doing homework and enjoys playing waterpolo,  Megan looks forward to exploring Memorial's History, and Birdie anticipates exploring new Journalistic approaches through writing and visual content creation. They look forward to recording and podcasting content for the Red and Blue.

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Faculty Advisor

Joseph Olivares is a San Joaquin Memorial alumni ('07) and current teacher. He has the pleasure of seeing young minds flourish and loves his cute little dog, Lando. 



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