A new chapter

My name is Julian Moreno, and I am a pretty new student to San Joaquin Memorial. I am still getting to know my way around the school but I am slowly getting used to it. All of the students and teachers here are pretty friendly so if I am ever lost or confused somebody is always there to help me. Ever since being here, I can already tell that the standard of education is much higher than most schools. This school provides a lot more options for classes and sports. Teachers are very friendly and outgoing to make sure that your grades and well being are okay. I have gotten through most of my classes fairly easily, but in some of them I can see where I might struggle.

Being the new kid at first was kind of boring and a bit lonely at times, but since I am in sports, it feels like I am more than guaranteed to meet some people. There are many great things about this school that I appreciate because I did not have them in my previous school, but there are also some downfalls about being new and joining in the middle of the year.

Some of the great things about SJM that I could not enjoy at my last school was education. In my previous school there were hardly any teachers that really cared for their students. An example of this is that if you have a low grade in a class, teachers would not allow redo's or makeup work to try and bring the grade up, nor will the teacher inform you about having the low grade in the first place. In this school they provide office hours, which let you make up work or redo test after school for any class. Teachers are always making sure that your fully understanding the subject; they will always ask you question and make sure that you participate in the class.

Some other things that I enjoy about this school are the wide options of sports. I myself am a very big sports person so I enjoy playing, watching and learning about all sports. I enjoy the actual cafeteria and snack bar that we have; at my old school it was not the greatest food.

The schedule for school is also a lot better than my old school. we were in school for a longer period but I still feel like I am learning way more than before now that the days are shorter. Students are also friendly and willing to help whenever you feel stuck. I like how the classes are not that far apart physically, because at my old school I would sometimes get a tardy for being late to class. I like how close the school is to religion, many schools do not provide this feature. I also feel a lot safer at SJM.

Although there are many great things about this school, there are also some downfalls about joining in the middle of the year and being new to this school. At first it was a bit troublesome to find my classes and find my way around the school but I am slowly getting the hang of it.

It was also a bad decision to join in the middle of the year because it is a little hard to catch up with the rest of the class. In the beginning I really did not have many people to talk to so I was kind of lonely. I was mostly confused throughout the days because I did not know the schedule yet or the subjects that the teachers were teaching.

Dressing up everyday is also kind of a hassle, because I used to be able to dress comfortably, but that I can no longer do. The school is in a very busy location, there is a lot of traffic and people around the school. I live in Hanford, which means I have to wake up early to get to school and do not get home till later in the day because of sports, so I do not have a lot of time to do things that I would normally do. An example of this is that I cannot watch my favorite tv show or play with my dogs as much. I also used to go on bike rides and play video games after school. Since I have joined SJM though I have had no time for any of this due to homework and being away from home often.

At my old school more than half the school was failing and teachers and staff members did nothing to help students or stop the problem. They had to cancel most JV and Freshmen teams because they did not have enough players to continue the season. To add, during school hours teachers or security guards were not enforcing the mask policy so a lot of kids that did go back to school ended up getting them and their families sick. Overall I am pretty glad I switched schools.

Though there are some bad things that come with this school, there are way more benefits that this school provides that most schools do not. I can not wait to spend the rest of my years here at SJM and learn everything about this school. It is a big change from my old school, which was ten minutes away from my house, but I think that overtime I can manage the work and time that I am given to complete everything.


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