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I have been single for all 18 years of my life. I have never celebrated a Valentine's Day with a significant other, but rather the only candy and gifts I receive are from my dad. Instead of going out to dinner with that someone special, I am usually on the couch watching romcoms with my mom. My experience with Valentine's Day is a picture perfect cliché.

Although that does not mean I despise the love-centric holiday- I actually love celebrating it, especially after integrating a Galantine's tradition for the past two years. Nina Darnell and I, both self-professed single pringles, decided our junior year to celebrate our Valentine's Day during a whole week with the best presents ever: homemade baked treats. Every day for the week leading up to Valentine's day, we exchange daily holiday treats, and it has become one of my favorite things about the holiday. This year, we thought we would share our week with you.


Emma: I kicked the week off with possibly my best treat of the week- heart shaped Rice Krispy Treats. These took hours to make (I missed watching the Super Bowl) and resulted in A LOT of dirty dishes, but I think they were well worth it.

Three hours and three batches of marshmallow-covered cereal later, I ended up with these adorable little snacks that Nina and I devoured throughout the school day.

Nina: I kicked off the week with possibly the worst baking experience I have ever had to deal with... cake pops. Let me tell you, this was a disaster from the start. With my extremely long nails, every single crumb from the cake got trapped underneath them. Also, I strongly believe that I will never use candy melts ever again. They caused the cake to fall off of the sticks and resulted in unexpected cake bites. When I tell you I gave Emma the only decent cake pops, I mean it.


Emma: Next up were a much simple treat- Marshmallow Pops. These only took me about 45 minutes to make, and ended up really cute. Although I would suggest splurging on candy melts rather than trying to get chocolate chips to cooperate with you.

Tuesday was our off-campus day, so exchanging our treats required an extra drive... I refrained telling Nina this, but I may or may not have taste-tested one of the pops on the way to her house. At least I can verify her statement that they were delicious.

Nina: I kicked off day two with my most boring treat of the week- chocolate chip cookies. I would hate to come off as lazy, but, I had absolutely no energy to make anything on Monday night. To show at least some sort of effort, I put them in a cute Valentine’s bag. I think I make a pretty killer chocolate chip cookie though.


Emma: Another standout for the week, Wednesday's treat were Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cookies. Again, I can vouch for their heavenly taste, in addition to their Pinterest-worthy appearance. In fact they were so beautiful I even went to the extra effort of wrapping them in cellophane and tying the package with a bow. These cookies were simple enough to make, but again I advise using candy melts rather than chocolate chips.

Note: On Wednesday I was dealing with a college-related false alarm, and it very much felt as though my life was falling apart, much like Nina's brownies. Bonus points to her for fitting the mood of the day.

Nina: Let me start by saying, do not try to put M&M’s in brownie mix, they will sink to the bottom and get stuck to your glass dish. I absolutely failed at making brownies. As you probably already know, brownies are cut up into squares. In an attempt to cut them into squares, they crumbled apart. So Emma did not receive brownies, she received brownie crumbles, so sorry.


Emma: Thursday brought a returning champion from 2020... Valentine's Pretzel Bites. These bite-sized snacks are WAY too easy to make and WAY to addicting to eat; it is a good thing I went to swim practice after making these because I probably taste-tested a few too many.

Nina: I strongly believe that my M&M cookie heart was a strong point for me during the week. To be completely honest, I was just going to make plain M&M cookies, but my mom told me it was too boring. She then came up with the idea to make it into one giant heart and I was completely on-board with it. Emma specifically said “This is your best one yet.” That statement is going to stick with me forever.


Emma: To save you from a long story- I went out with a bang, and not a good one. These Red Velvet Cake Bites were an absolute nightmare to make. They took hours to do, I was exhausted, and they only ended up making a giant mess in the kitchen. Cake fell apart in melted chocolate chips, the chocolate DID NOT want to cooperate and spread evenly and even after a night in the freezer the treats never really reached the perfect texture. Not to mention they just looked ugly. I am so sorry Nina.

However I would like to note that the excessive amount of time I spent making these ugly little things gave me a chance to catch up on WandaVision... which I am obsessed with now and highly recommend.

Nina: The last day was for sure my best day. I wanted to go all out and finish Galentine’s Week with my best treat yet, strawberry cupcakes. I had no motivation to make these so I put on a podcast and got to work. I really have no complaints about these cupcakes, I worked really hard on them.

Being single or alone on Valentine’s Day should not stop you from celebrating with those who are not your “significant other." Valentine’s Day is not just exclusively for those in relationships, it is about showing your appreciation to the most important people in your life. Even though Covid-19 has created distance between everyone, I hope you all could at least celebrate through a phone or video call... or even better, through food like Emma and I.


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