An Introduction to NHS

The National Honor Society is a national organization for high school students in which selection is based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The purpose of this program is to “create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the development of character in students of SJM.’’ In 2008, when Mr. Borges became principal, he approved the National Honor Society on campus because he felt there was a need to honor exemplary students. NHS does not just look at grades, but also focuses on the person as a whole.

Requirements for NHS include being a member of the junior or senior class and attendance for at least one semester at SJM. You must have a minimum, weighted, cumulative GPA of 3.90 and be enrolled in a minimum of 3 honors/AP classes. Candidates are also considered based on their service, leadership, and character.

“NHS is a good way to be recognized by colleges and I want to grow closer to people who also aim for high expectations in their high school academics,” said senior Kelly Lee.

The council has been working tirelessly to perfect the Induction Ceremony event on November 7 and has had countless meetings to plan and work. They want to wholeheartedly honor the amazing young men and women who have dedicated their time to building a better community. As leaders, they aim to see student growth, participation, and active service within our school, and through NHS, they are able to accomplish even more of that in a group effort.

“I wanted to advise NHS because I think it’s a really important organization. It’s an honor to be a part of something with students who work so hard. As for the ceremony, I thought it was very nice and elegant, but also serious and reflected the purpose of NHS,” said social science teacher Cinda deCordova.

Cinda deCordova, first year teacher at Memorial, teaches Social Science for juniors and seniors. She is also the NHS co-adviser and has been invested in further developing the program at SJM.

Shown: NHS Induction Ceremony Attendees

While the set up and preparation for the ceremony started out stressful, it ended with a worthwhile and great turnout. The ceremony looked beautiful and was a great success. The Council and Advisors did a great job working together to honor and exemplify the amazing young men and women who have worked hard throughout their high school career. The honors included a book signing, certificate, pin and ID card, lighting a candle, and a rose in NHS colors.

“I thought it was really nice despite the pandemic. It involved everybody and gave me the opportunity to be recognized for something we didn’t get to have as juniors,” said Lee.

“I wanted to run for executive council because of my involvement in SJM Service Club," said service coordinator for NHS, Ashley Belleza. "I’m always eager to propose new ideas for service projects and love coordinating them. I also think the induction ceremony went well. I liked how it involved and celebrated everyone from both 2020 and 2021.”

Left to Right: Ashley Belleza (Service Coordinator), Hallie Pham (VP), Spencer Douangphouxay (President), Jacob Levy (Treasurer), Sasha Richburg (Secretary), Alyssa Askins (Historian)

Not many people know what NHS is or what we do in it. I hope that, by reading this article, you are able to have a better understanding of what NHS is all about. I urge you to work hard to meet the requirements of NHS and apply whenever applicable. It is a great opportunity to be recognized for all your accomplishments and surround yourself with people who aim to see student accomplishment in school! I applaud all my fellow peers on their hard work and dedication and look forward to seeing next year's group of inductees!


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