AP Physics: A Possibility

Every time AP Physics is mentioned there is at least one person who asks why on earth anyone would take that class. On the college board website, it’s easy to see only 51.5% of the people who take this class end up getting a 3 or higher.

This year at Memorial, there were not enough students for an A.P. Physics class. The problems with getting this class is that it is dependent on the number of interested students according to Mr. Bamber, SJM physics teacher. The previous year's students only had seven kids, but that was enough.

Some AP Classes are difficult to accomplish all the prerequisites for; however, A.P. Physics 1 does not require a prior physics class to be taken in order to sign up. On the other hand, it is quite common to use trigonometric functions when solving much of the work for the class. There are a variety of different skills that would be helpful, but not necessary, to take the class. If the college board figured these classes were necessary, they would have made them prerequisites. Geometry and Algebra 2 are the only two real classes that need to be taken in order to take this one.

There will not be many students in this physics class next year. What this means is that each student can have a much higher percentage of the teacher's attention and assistance when working on difficult problems in class. Certainly everyone has needed help in class but given up on raising their hand because the teacher was helping another student. In this class, with a student base numbering similar to last year, there would be a significant amount of time available for the instructor to help each student who displayed a need for it. Passing the class would take effort to want to grow your understanding, but those who take this class clearly already do.

For those Juniors who wish to brave out the storm and attempt this class, your want to do so must be made known to the counselors and Mr. Bamber so that he is aware of the demand among students. There were not enough students who showed interest among the juniors last year in taking this class, so the class was not scheduled. Us current juniors need to fix this mistake if things are to change next year.


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