Astrology 101

~All About Sun Signs~

Did you know that the planetary placements in the sky at the time you were born influence who you are as a person? Astrology is a study that dates all the way back to ancient Greece when scientists would use astrology as a main form of human and psychological identification.

You may be confused about astrology’s validity. “I’m a Sagittarius, so why am I not outgoing?” Well there is an easy explanation to this. We all have a birth chart that breaks down different aspects of our personality, and our sun sign is only a small fraction of who we are.

Before we get anywhere in detail such as rising, moon, etc. though, it is most important to understand the sun sign.

Sun signs represent your ego and inner identity. It is probably the sign you know the best. Each sun sign holds its own individual traits:

Aries: Aries are typically very outgoing, or at the least driven. They stand out amongst others, and make statements without apology. They can be ruthless, but are usually sympathetic towards animals and have very successful careers.

(Aries Celebrities: Lady Gaga, Claire Danes)

Taurus: Taureans are extremely into aesthetics. They typically have a connection to plants, music, gardening and can be quite obsessive with their interests. They are usually very calm and enjoy days of relaxation.

(Taurus Celebrities: Cher, Robert Pattinson)

Gemini: Geminis have had a bad reputation, but I really think they are great people! Geminis love to give advice, are multi-faceted and genuinely enjoy conversing with others.

(Gemini Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe)

Cancer: Cancers are very emotional people, and take a little while to open up. They are natural lovers and nurturers and are very connected to nature.

(Cancer Celebrities: Oliver Tree, Lana Del Rey)

Leo: Leos are very social people. They may not immediately be outgoing, but they are always around for a good laugh. They enjoy being admired and respected by others and make great friends!

(Leo Celebrities: J-Lo, Jennifer Lawrence)

Virgo: Virgos are very analytical people who enjoy the neatness of their life. They are very caring but like to conceal that concern with their more even-keel nature.

(Virgo Celebrities: River Phoenix, Alexis Bledel)

Libras: Libras are great communicators and generally liked by all. They are naturally interested in music, politics and the theme of justice. They are often underestimated, but are some of the most intelligent people out there.

(Libra Celebrities: Marina Diamandis, Will Smith)

Scorpio: Scorpios are very loyal people and value honesty. People are often intimidated by their intense nature, but they are some of the greatest friends and most protective people.

(Scorpio Celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry)

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are extremely philosophical and love to travel. The average Sagittarius loves a great joke, and even better conversation. People often see them as fickle, but in reality they are just very energetic and always have great intentions and a huge amount of generosity.

(Sagittarius Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Sarah Paulson)

Capricorn: Capricorns are very methodical and logical. They are great at handling their emotions and keeping their mood in check. Naturally hard workers, they make sure to always accomplish their goals and be the best version of themselves.

(Capricorn Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel, John Legend)

Aquarius: Aquarians are very intellectual and unique people. They value authenticity and are extremely blunt in their communication. Although they may seem a bit detached, they are actually quite caring people and do not give themselves credit for how amazing they are.

(Aquarius Celebrities: Harry Styles, Jennifer Anniston)

Pisces: Pisces are very big dreamers. They love to come up with ideas and are romantics at heart. Pisces typically love children and value those who they keep close. They are also very emotional.

(Pisces Celebrities: Grimes, Ashnikko)


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