Five podcasts for your well-being

The world of podcasts is vast and never-ending. There are comedic, uplifting, religious and even crime podcasts. May I just mention our newspaper has a podcast, The Current.

Slowly but surely, I have integrated podcasts into my everyday life. I find listening to podcasts more useful and uplifting than listening to music, especially those that focus on your mental health, wellbeing and soul.

I will list for you, my top five favorite podcasts for the soul.

1. What We Said w/ Chelsey Curtis and Jaci Smith

Chelsey and Jaci are best friends who talk about health, business, relationships and life. They are authentic and stay true to themselves while offering helpful advice for navigating life. They use their own life experiences and stories to inform the listeners of the mistakes they have made in life and how they grow from them. While sometimes being more serious about things, this podcast is also humorous and very relatable.

2. Hurry Slowly w/ Jocelyn K. Glei

Jocelyn offers great advice on how to boost productivity, concentration and creativity all while reducing stress. Slowing down, unplugging our electronic devices and going outside is the secret to stress reduction. She sits down and talks to psychologists, thought leaders and researchers to gain insight into how we can better use our time and energy.

3. Happier w/ Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft

Gretchen and Elizabeth discuss creative hacks for an overall happier life. Each episode contains new tips and tricks that you can try at home to create long-lasting healthy habits. This podcast is really great motivation for you to get out and try new things while also working on being the best version of yourself.

4. 10% Happier w/ Dan Harris

After suffering a panic attack on live TV, ABC news anchor Dan Harris turned to meditation to help heal the underlying causes of his anxiety. Dan is determined to bring meditation into the mainstream, Harris’ conversations with everyone from the Dalai Lama to RuPaul provide relatable advice and useful tools for how to practice mindfulness and benefit from it.

5. Feel Better, Live More w/ Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

According to Dr. Chatterjee, health has become overly complicated so he attempts to simplify it. In each episode, we hear from leading health experts who share tips, advice and easy life hacks to help you live a healthier life while doing some myth busting at the same time.

These five podcasts have dramatically changed my life and state of mind. Even if you listen to one episode a day, you feel majorly motivated and accomplished.

I highly recommend listening to podcasts even if you feel that you are in the right state of mind.


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