Best Christmas gifts from Amazon

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the majority of people participating in online shopping, it is probably best to start Christmas shopping as soon as possible. I admit, I have done a lot more shopping now than before quarantine so I am currently broke, but if you have at least a little bit more money than I do, I suggest you keep reading this.

Browsing on Amazon is very, very addicting to not only me, but I am sure many other people. I am here to help you, the readers, figure out what to give your family and friends for Christmas, with the help of Amazon.

For the kids:

1. Kids Punching Bag- $39.97

I for one would have absolutely loved this as a kid because I was very active and hyper. I also think any parents would love this because it gives them a break and it also tires out the kids so they can finally take some naps. With all the stress from the virus, it really is a great outlet for kids to get their anger out.

2. Writing Tablet- $18.89

This writing tablet is sure to please the kids as it seems close enough to an actual iPad. With the crazy and stressful school year, I’m sure this tablet is a very helpful tool when it comes to homeschool education and learning. It is probably most effective with kids ages 3-7.

3. Amazon Fire Tablet- $199.99

This gift is more on the expensive side but it gives your kids access to kid-friendly apps, games, books, and videos. It also includes an Amazon Parent Dashboard which is really helpful in setting limitations.

For the teens:

1. Bedside Lamp- $35.99

This lamp is really a great idea for teenagers because on TikTok, a popular item is LED lights for their room. This is a practical alternative to the lights because not only is it a color-changing lamp, but it is an alarm clock AND a bluetooth speaker.

2. Record Player- $59.95-$115

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “why would my kid want a record player?” To be absolutely honest with a little bit of over exaggeration, my record player changed my life. It has dramatically limited my phone usage and has given me a deeper appreciation for music. I wish I had waited to get my record player because the price has been cut in half for the past year. I recommend the Crosley record players because even though it is a concept of an old way of life, it is still pretty modern.

3. Laser Tag Set- $219.99

In all honesty, this might be a kids toy, but as a seventeen year old girl, I would absolutely be ecstatic if this was under my Christmas tree this year. If you can not go out to a laser tag center, why not bring the laser tag center to you?

For the adults:

1. Smart Toaster- $239.95

Even as a teenager, this toaster is everything I could ever want. It is a revolutionary kitchen product that I am sure every adult would love to try. It is like there is a whole tablet in the toaster. Being able to picture the level of darkness of the toast as well as pressing on the screen the item being toasted and whether it is fresh or frozen is something that blows my mind.

2. Neck and Back Massager- $41.95

During quarantine, I am sure there has been much stress placed on our parents and other adults. To relieve this stress, this neck massager is a necessity. I can attest to the success rate of this product as my grandpa has made me try out many of these massagers growing up. It really is a miracle worker.

3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner- $189.99

If you are a teenager looking to get your parents a gift for Christmas, I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. Even though it is pretty pricey, this thing is as quiet as a mouse. I cannot tell you how many times my mom has woken me up in the morning with the vacuum. Like the toaster, this is also a revolutionary home product.

Hopefully these recommendations will help you all in your Christmas gift hunt. I recommend starting your shopping as soon as possible though, I have. Good luck to you all!

All photos credited to Amazon.


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