Big time rush to retirement

If you thought time has been zooming by since March 2020, you will not believe how much time has passed since the premieres of every 18 year old's favorite show. As of November 29 2021, it will have been 12 years since the world was introduced to the OG boyband, Big Time Rush.

Nickelodeon's tv/musical act hybrid hit series starred Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow and and Logan Henderson and depicted the journey of four Minnesotan hockey players on the journey to worldwide (pun not intended) stardom. The group went big time (this pun was in fact intended) with multiple albums, world tours and even a full-length spy movie. BTR was the boy band once upon a time, and when the final episode aired on July 25 2013 it was truly the end of an era.

With 12 years having passed since the ending of Big Time Rush, that makes the four lead actors fully-grown adults now... so where are the dogs now?

~ Kendall ~

After Big Time Rush, Kendall made a point to continue making music; he formed a two-person band with friend Dustin Belt called Heffron Drive, and together they released an album, two EPs and plenty of singles over five years.

Since 2018 though Schmidt has been laying relatively low. He has been living with his girlfriend, fitness trainer Mica Chu, and largely documenting their outdoor adventures on Instagram. In 2021 he started a regular IGTV series called "Koffee with Kendall;" some notable guests include fellow Big Time Rush co-stars Stephen Glickman and Katelyn Tarver.

~ James ~

Pretty boy James Diamond may have rose to stardom with his bandmates, but the actor behind him, James Maslow, took a slightly different approach. While he never stopped acting, Maslow went down the route of leading smaller, more "indie style" films; over the years he has added several titles to his credits.

Straight out of Big Time Rush, Maslow competed on the 18th season of Dancing With Stars along with Peta Murgatroyd, but since then he has shown that he would much rather be playing the music than dancing to it. While he cannot enjoy this profession during a pandemic, Maslow has become a well-established DJ in the Venice Beach area.

~ Logan ~

Logan Henderson (Logan Mitchell) veered off the path of the Schmidt and Maslow, instead taking a 5 year break from the spotlight. Makes sense, considering the 4 years Big Time Rush was on air were filled with constant activity.

In 2018 though Henderson released the first installment to his two-part album in the "dark grunge pop" vein. He followed that up by a stunning cover of Elton John's "Rocketman." According to Instagram, the singer has begun to focus more so on his personal life, and is often seen with his plant-based content creator girlfriend Jazzy ML fostering tons of dogs in Las Vegas Nevada.

~ Carlos ~

Last but certainly not least is member of BTR with the BIGGEST lifestyle change. Goofy and hockey helmet-wearing Carlos now resides in Hawaii with his wife Alexa PenaVega- who he actually met in that historical BTR series finale. Yes, you may recognize her as Carmen Cortez from the Spy Kids films. The PenaVegas have been dating since they met, and have actually starred in THREE Hallmark movies together; now they are raising their two, scratch that, three kids on the Big Island.

Carlos PenaVega followed Maslow's footsteps by competing in Season 21 of Dancing With The Stars, with his wife (aww!). However since then the Maui-based Christian has focused on building his family, raising his kids and vlogging it every step of the way. Have you seen his sons watching Big Time Rush for the first time? The cutest.

12 years certainly does not mark the end of Big Time Rush though. In true 2020 style, the four-piece held a virtual reunion (out of the blue) and surprised nostalgic fans with an absolutely beautiful cover of one of their hit songs "Worldwide." Long story short, they legit broke the internet.

Just as hope lies ahead for the global pandemic, so does is it rushing toward the reunion of Big Time Rush. It has been hinted several times (specifically by Maslow and Glickman) that the reopening of the world maybe possibly at some point bring a full-on reunion tour and even new music; our main hints are the boys closing their virtual reunion video with "see you soon," Netflix buying the Big Time Rush series on March 2021 and an increased presence on Tik Tok. If we learned anything from their show though, it is who knows what the dogs have planned.


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