Books For Your Senses

Need a good novel but can't choose from the hundreds of books from the library? The Red and Blue members have provided you with books that will be enjoyable to pair up with a spark of music!

Written in beautifully simple prose, Up From the Sea recounts Kai’s experience of the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan in 2011. His mother, grandparents, and friends are either missing or dead. His American father has been out of touch with him since he left to live in New York when Kai was a child. He is forced to navigate his new life alone until he is invited to meet with children who lost their parents in 9/11. He agrees to go and is able to bond with others who understand his grief, and also search for his long lost father.

You’ve Got Mail with a twist of Outerbanks. Set on the coast of California, Alex, Approximately, is a contemporary romance with a hint of drama. After her parents’ divorce, Bailey Rydell moves to California to live with her father. Secretly, she also goes to search for her film-buff soul mate, Alex, who she’s only ever talked to online. What she doesn’t know is that he lives in her neighborhood. Her search for him gets sidelined when she meets and falls in love with Porter, her arrogant and witty coworker. Bailey is torn between choosing Alex or Porter, but what if she doesn’t have to choose. Read Alex Approximately to find out what happens next.

A serial killer walks the streets of a small Nebraska town looking for another teen to kill, and Makani Young thinks she might be next. After her parents get a divorce, Makani moves away from Hawaii to live with her grandmother in Nebraska. One by one, her new classmates are killed and their darkest secrets are exposed. Makani would rather forget about her past life, but she is forced to relive it if she wants to survive. Read There’s Someone Inside Your House to find out who's been killing these Nebraskan teens. Soon to be a movie on Netflix this fall.

The Secret History is an story narrated by one of the six students, Richard Papen, who reflects years later upon the situation that led to the murder of their friend Edmund "Bunny" Corcoran – wherein the events leading up to the murder are revealed sequentially.

Mind reading kids are kidnapped and put into an institution by a large organization to change life’s events. One kid works together with his friends to break out of the institute and with the help of a small town on the outside the institutes that are placed around the world are exposed and destroyed.


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