Calling all environmental aficionados!

Old Fig Garden’s Arbor Celebration will take place this Saturday, May 1 at 9 AM. AM This event will be planned by the Fig Garden Homeowners Association in order to educate the community on the importance and value of planting trees in our community. Tours begin at 9 AM in front of the Fig Garden Woman’s Club and are led by UCCE Master Gardeners as they journey through Fig Garden May 1 and 2. The tours will be complimented by tree plantings, tree growing kits, “I love Trees” merchandise, and food trucks at Gazebo Gardens Nursery.

“We want to raise awareness about the uniqueness of the urban forest that is Old Fig Garden. We also want to encourage homeowners and the community at large to not only enjoy our trees, but take care of them, plant more, and just realize our role as stewards of this area,” said English and Advanced Placement Seminar teacher Laura Holden.

Avid gardener and tree enthusiast Holden moved to “Old Fig” last April and has joined the Fig Garden Homeowners Association since then. She and several of her neighbors have planned Fig Garden’s first-ever Arbor Celebration to help educate the local community.

“We [as a community] need to realize that these trees were planted a hundred years ago, and trees don’t last forever. We are trying to build awareness of that, and so we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate arbor day in Old Fig Garden,” said Holden.

It is important to care for the residents of any neighborhood, especially those with a longevity that would put anyone's grandparents to shame. What is there not to love about leafy figures that provide shade and a pleasant spot for one’s eyes to rest on?

“I really love trees,” said Holden.

To put it simply: I love oxygen. Trees make oxygen. Therefore, I love trees.

“I’ve always liked nature but the older I’ve gotten, the more appreciation I’ve had for gardening and planting. [Nature] is a place of solace and a place to retreat from all the toxic things in the world. A lot of culture is toxic, a lot of politics is toxic, there’s just so much toxicity around us,” said Holden.

While gardening may not be for everyone, there is no denying that plants are undoubtedly important to our world. As noted by Holden, they can not only provide nourishment, but also peace and solidarity. Feel free to show your support for these fine specimen by going to the Old Fig Garden’s Arbor Celebration, even if you do not live in Fig Garden.

*Click here for more information regarding Old Fig Garden’s Arbor Celebration*


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