CMT takes on their biggest week ever

Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of Catholic education. This eventful week allows Catholic schools to focus on the importance of a Catholic education and how valuable it is to the students, the church, communities and our entire world.

With the Covid-19 pandemic stripping us of our sense of normalcy, Catholic Schools Week means a lot to many people.

Kevin Cisneros, a Campus Ministry Team member, believes that Catholic Schools Week is a strong reminder of community.

“Especially during this pandemic where people are socially distanced not only physically but also emotionally, Catholic Schools week reminds us that we are not alone," Cisneros explained.

Similar to what Kevin said, Emily Douty believes that “it provides students a sense of normalcy… Catholic Schools Week is a nice way for students to feel like we’re getting closer to normal."

With that being said, the week’s events go as follows:

Monday: Churros and music at break

Tuesday: Tacos and music after school

Wednesday: Live-stream virtual mass after 1st period

Thursday: Tacos and music after school

Friday: Churros and music at break, Socially distanced Senior Movie Night at 6:30

When asked what they are most excited for this week, both Kevin and Emily said Senior Movie Night. With SJM students already being in the second semester, there has not been a senior-exclusive event, so the movie night is really exciting for many people as they have expressed how senior year is nothing like they expected it to be.

Besides the obvious excitement about Senior movie night, Campus Ministry and ASB students are looking forward to every single part of Catholic Schools Week.

“Campus Ministry has been busy at work planning the mass and other surprises and ASB has also been busy helping plan the events of this week," said Douty.

“It has been our main focus for the past few weeks trying to put together ideas and materials the whole school can enjoy," said Cisneros.

I am personally very excited for every event that is planned for this week. The last school festivities that I remember were from Valentines Day of 2020, so I am looking forward to enjoying every single moment of this week.

Also, I would like to commend ASB and Campus Ministry for their hard work and dedication, not only for Catholic Schools Week, but the entire school year.

Let’s enjoy this week SJM!


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