Comfort in a cartoon

There is no doubt that life can be stressful sometimes, so it is very important to make sure that you have a healthy amount of downtime. Sometimes watching TV is great outlet for people, although it is important to remember to only do it in small dosages as it can increase depression-like symptoms.

However most of these depressive symptoms that can emerge from an excess of TV usage are typically from watching a nerving or heavily emotional TV shows. Of course these programs are wonderful for being able to expand our emotional depth and empathy, however it is also just as important to have a specific TV show with no excess of plot or plot twists, one that is more of a “comfort“ TV show.

For me personally, that TV show is Adventure Time. It is very easy to get caught up in the stress of daily life, so for me personally being able to sit down and watch a relaxing group of characters and plot lines after a difficult day is extremely calming and actually increases my productivity.

In an article written by Psychology Today, it was discovered that children who watch fast-paced cartoons rather than more calm and relaxed cartoons performed significantly worse on memory and attention tests. It is also important to note that when watching a fast-paced television show, one should understand that the pacing of whatever program you are watching affects the anxiety levels and tranquility of our brain. Having a calming, comfort cartoon is extremely beneficial to productivity, focus and reversal of anxious thoughts— bonus points if it is a show that brings a feeling of nostalgia, as that induces an extra level of comfort.

Here are some great relaxing TV series that one can watch:

  • Adventure Time

  • Steven Universe

  • Over the Garden Wall

  • Rick and Morty

  • The Regular Show

These are all shows with genuine character development, and quality of plot, however they are in no way shape or form anxiety-inducing.

This information is great, but how is thus relevant, especially to academics?

The benefits that the children from the experiments experienced of improved focus and better memory, is extremely helpful in academic situations. For example, typically when I have a great deal of homework, I will easily feel overwhelmed. However I become proactive about this situation and now have a calming tv show play in the background while I write an essay or do a math worksheet, as I feel much happier in the moment and more in control of the situation.

Of course for some, TV can be extremely distracting during the completion of homework, but for those that do not find it distracting, you should definitely give it a try.


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