CUSD gets green-lit for on-campus return

As of February 3 2021 the Clovis Unified School District has been granted the ability to return to their in-person instruction for elementary students starting Tuesday February 9. But what does this mean for San Joaquin Memorial?

The news was announced this past Thursday, after Fresno County’s positive COVID-19 cases and healthcare system was taken into consideration by the Fresno County Department of Public Health. Grades transitional-kindergarten through sixth grade will be allowed to return to campus.

Students who return will be mandated to wear face coverings at all times, save for eating and drinking. Students will be spaced 6 feet apart while in the classroom, which will result in a Group A and Group B attendance, similar to SJM. Desks and supplies will be sanitized regularly to ensure the safety of students and faculty. In-person students will also be required to perform a symptom screening at home before driving to school, and another screening and temperature check upon arriving to school.

As of now, grades 7-12 will not yet be allowed to return to in-person learning, but we await more information from the FCDPH. But how can SJM be impacted by this?

“One of the only ways I can imagine Memorial being impacted [by Clovis Unified’s return to in-person instruction for the elementary grades], is if [they] discover some way to make [the] hybrid [schedule] better than it already is,” says sophomore Giovanni Provenzano; “I can [also] imagine Memorial being impacted with a student morale boost knowing that the end to these covid times might finally be within sight.”

According to this news source, approximately 2,300 students will be allowed to return to in-person hybrid learning with the 11,000 students already in-person.

"I believe that since Clovis Unified is a bigger school district, then [San Joaquin Memorial students] should all be brought back. Our school only contains around 500 [students] and yet they have thousands," says junior Jade Huerta.

Now that the elementary school kids in Clovis Unified are allowed to return to in-person learning with a hybrid schedule, it is only a matter of time before middle and high school is also allowed to return. As Provenzano said, hopefully these changes will be the beginning of the end to the abnormal Covid customs and adjustments we have had to make this past year.


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