Enrollment during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives this past year, and one of these aspects is the number of students enrolled at San Joaquin Memorial High School, both fully-online and those on the hybrid schedule, as well as the number of transfer students.

“We have received more than 20 transfer students this 2020-2021 school year,” said the Director of Admissions & International Student Program Mr. Lugo.

While this number may seem low compared to other public schools, obtaining 20 new students at SJM is quite a high number. Mr. Lugo reports that in past years, Memorial usually receives half as many transfer students.

“As soon as we announced that we were in-person, a lot of students decided to come to our school because they prefer the in-classroom instruction,” said Mr. Lugo.

While we may have offered the hybrid schedule early in the year compared to Fresno Unified, there were other reasons why some of these transfer students picked SJM.

“We are a private school and there is a lot of value in attending one.”

This is certainly true because, who does not want uniforms and hair restrictions?

“Even though we have a hybrid schedule, there are still a number of students who feel better staying at home than returning to school in-person,” said Mr. Lugo.

This goes to show that COVID-19 is still continuing to negatively impact SJM enrollment. In addition, Mr. Lugo reports that SJM has lost more students than it has gained this school year.

“The more safe that society feels, the better chance Memorial has at having a higher enrollment, but until that point, we will still have our ups and downs,” said Mr. Lugo.

Hopefully as time goes on, society will indeed feel more comfortable and safe with returning to a more normal lifestyle. As the number of vaccinated teachers and students increases, and the number of COVID-19 cases decreases, it will not be long before SJM once again obtains a more-normal enrollment number.


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