Fantastic and not-so-fantastic fast foods

Since we are still stuck in quarantine, obtaining some quality junk food has been sort of difficult with all the rules and regulations. This past week, I decided to help you guys by composing a short list of foods you may (or may not!) want to try out if you are ever in the need of food to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

#1: The Pumpkin-classic-that-everybody-has-already-tried-and-knows-tastes-good

Yes, yes, I am referring to the pumpkin bread at Starbucks. What is there not to love? It hits all the right places in my mouth. Not too sweet and not overdone on the pumpkin seeds. The soft texture mixed with a slight crunch makes me smile just thinking about it. The only excuse someone may have for not trying it is a pumpkin seed allergy. You have not lived without trying the pumpkin bread. I would recommend it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three if you can handle it. Five out of five points for me.

#2: The Pumpkin-dessert-that-does-not-compare-to-Starbucks

For those of you who are confused, and I am sure there are many of you, I am referring to the baked pumpkin pie from McDonalds. I was originally going to try the apple pie version, but when the waitress said “We ran out. Does pumpkin pie work?” I didn’t have the time or patience to reply “Of course not! Apple pie would taste infinitely better," so instead I said “Sure.” Now, it was not completely horrible, but I would never willingly buy it again. The actual pumpkin part was a little sweet, but not bad. The pastry itself resembled a pumpkin turnover. However, the breaking point for this dessert happened when I suddenly tasted the white filling in the middle. It was not pleasant to say the least. It was thick and sweet and definitely not up my alley. After that, I bravely took another bite and decided soon after to never eat it again. If they took out the mysterious white filling, I might consider eating it, but for now, it is safe to assume that I will not be ordering it anytime soon. I rate it a two point five out of five.

#3: The Very-delicious-beverage

Clearly based on the title, I am sure you were able to figure out that the next item on my list is none other than the Strawberry Shake from Sonic. Believe it or not, this was the first time that I have actually had the shake and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While nothing can ever beat In-N-Out milkshakes, this came pretty close. It was not too sweet and not too creamy. It had just the right thickness because it did not get stuck in my straw as I drank it. I also enjoyed the small chunks of strawberry and the generous amount of whipped cream at the top. I would definitely recommend this to a friend, as long as they were not lactose intolerant. Five out of five points here.

#4: The Thing-I-was-most-nervous-to-try-on-this-list-because-it-sounded-kind-of-gross-but-it-was-recommended-by-a-friend

I am, of course, referring to the New York Style Cheesecake from Jack-In-The-Box. And yes, I cringed too when I first heard it. Afterall, how good can it be, and what could possibly be in it, if it costs less than five dollars. These questions were circling in my head as I purchased the item and took my first bite. I must add that it was at the insistence of junior Brooke Neville that I try this dessert. Overall it was not horrible, but it was not my favorite either. It tasted like a regular cheesecake with some slight differences, primarily that it was a lot sweeter than regular cheesecake. The second difference that I noticed is that it was less firm than your typical medium-to-high quality cheesecake. And the last difference I noticed is that the bottom graham cracker layer was more crumbly than regular cheesecake. It was okay for what it was worth and I would consider buying it again if I craved cheesecake, but my regular cheesecake place was too far away, and I, too lazy to drive that far. For that, I give it a solid three out of five.

#5 The Dessert-that-I-will-never-purchase-again

The last dessert that I will be critiquing is the Cinnabon Delights from Taco Bell. Now, let me just start off by saying that I was kind of excited to try it because it smelled good on the car ride home. The smell of cinnamon and sugar wafted through the air and teased me as I wished every streetlight would turn green. Looking back, I now know that I was robbed of my money and emotionally scarred because never have my dreams ever been so terribly crushed by an inanimate object like that. Here I was, a perfectly innocent kid, about to have the time of my life as I bit into the round cinnamon ball. I instantly recoiled as an explosion of sweet, far greater than I had anticipated, assaulted my senses. The outer layer of cinnamon and sugar had been deceiving. What I had supposed to be a fifty-fifty ration was in fact one percent cinnamon and 99 percent sugar. But it got worse. After overcoming the initial jolt of sweetness, I was met by an even sweeter inside filling that once again left me gasping for air. Both the inside and the outside were way too sweet. I will never eat another one of those deadly Cinnabons again in my entire life. I was so overwhelmed that I was unable to finish even one so I gave it to my brother instead. He liked it though. I guess I might recommend it if you are into really, and I mean really, sweet desserts. I will end this with a one point five out of five.


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