Fantastic First Ladies

First Ladies are the wives of the President of the United States that pose as the Head of State. While first ladies do not have a direct role in regards to Presidential Administration, they provide informal advice, advocate particular policies and undertake important functions. This tradition stuck ever since George Washington’s wife was referred to as “Lady Washington."

However, in her quirky nature Jacqueline Kennedy did not like being referred to with the term “lady” as she felt it connotated to the “name of a prized race horse." She preferred titles such as “Presidentress” or “Mrs. President”.

Throughout the years, the perspective of these First Ladies and the adaptation of staff has evolved. Edith Roosevelt was the first to have a social secretary, Eleanor Roosevelt was the first to have a personal secretary and Kennedy was the first to have a press secretary.

The President of the United States and his family are symbolic of American power. While holding such a prestigious title and role, they do undertake many criticisms as some First Ladies have been scrutinized for doing too much, or even doing too little.

One of the most influential First Ladies was Kennedy, as she redefined the role of the First Lady. She achieved this by supporting areas of culture & arts, promoting historic preservation and serving as a traveling ambassador.

She included herself in many important aspects of the political world; she wrote a column during the 1960 presidential campaign and named it, “Campaign Wife." She stayed strong after her husband, President John F. Kennedy's assassination. As a bold statement she wore the same pink suit from when he was shot to the next inauguration proving her strong, bold and loving personality.

Another influential First Lady was Melania Trump. While not originally from the United States, Melania took on many projects as she helped so many, most importantly children. She was an advocate for children as she focused on the importance of teaching them to have healthy and balanced lives.

Like Kennedy, she knows various languages other than English. She is the second First Lady, other than Kennedy, to be a practicing Catholic.

Melania highlighted social and self awareness and left a legacy from promoting drug abuse awareness and keeping children safe from it.

These First Ladies not only left important and everlasting legacies, but impacted our nation as they have proven their key role of being a symbol for the strength of all American women.


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