Feed your brain and your body

With tests and homework piling up at the peak of the grading period, a lot of students are being faced with an overload of stress. Many will try to take away some of this stress by watching movies or going to hang out with friends. However exercise and nutrition are two very helpful methods of reducing stress.

Many people see exercise as something that will make you tired, or maybe even a chore. However exercise is one of the best things for you. An article from Aston University says, “Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, reducing stress and helping you to get good night’s sleep.” When we exercise we help create a positive image and feeling of ourselves. This feeling can serve as a confidence booster for when we go and get ready to take a test.

Here are some helpful tips. The day before your test exercise for around 30 minutes. This will allow for your endorphins to kick in and stimulate the rest of your body. This will also help in allowing you to fall asleep earlier, because your body will be tired from putting in hard work.

Another tip is to take a walk in between studying and homework. I’m not talking about walking a mile, but just walk around your house. This will help in giving your body a break from sitting and staring at the computer screen. If you do not feel like walking, then you can do simple exercises such as squats, sit-ups or push-ups.

The last tip I am going to leave you with is nutrition. Schoolwork is tough on its own, so you do not want to be malnourished before big tests. One thing that will help in making a big difference is eating breakfast. In an article from Score at the Top, researchers state that "Eating a breakfast that includes protein to lessen anxiety — something that can be quite useful come test day.” Having a simple breakfast can help kick start you to a successful day.

One last important nutrient tip is drink lots of water. In fact, “Proper hydration is incredibly important to brain function.” When we drink water we are helping to stimulate our brain and getting our body awake for the day ahead. Also water itself is part of “two great ways to ensure hydration and mental focus.”

All these easy tips are simple things you can do before and during your school day.


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