Five films that are unconventionally good for Halloween

Halloween only comes once a year, so it is important to stock up on some great movies! However, after awhile, stereotypical Halloween movies can become redundant and so finding just the right off-beat film for October 30 is essential! Here are some unique films that can be perfect for Halloween this year!

1. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

This is an all time classic that absolutely transcends time. The film was created in the 70s, which due to its unorthodox story-telling and taboo themes, became an absolute cult classic. The movie follows the adventures of a young couple Janet and Brad, who find themselves stranded on the night of their engagement. In order to find refuge, they go to a mansion full of odd personalities that take them on a wild adventure of awakening and freedom.

2. “American Psycho”

A fantastic film that gives leeway into the mind of an 80s yuppie by the name of Patrick Bateman. Although he is high up on the food chain of the company he works for, has a lovely fiancée, and goes to lavish restaurants, there’s one thing he still cannot find satisfaction in... murder. Bateman, played by Christian Bale, sticks to a rigorous routine to maintain his looks, and makes his life’s mission to be elevated about everyone. This dynamic contrasts beautifully with the murderous side of his character. The audience is never sure what happens in Patrick’s perception is actually real, leaving this movie to by a psychological twister of confusion, and a great dark comedy.

3. “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

Adapted from Oscar Wilde’s classic, this film shows the decline of morality, with dark overtones and plot lines. The black and white aesthetic creates the perfect atmosphere for a Halloween movie. The story follows Dorian Gray, a young adonis-character who is admired for his looks wherever he walks. His soul eventually gets stolen by a demonic painting and he becomes consumed with following a life of pleasure, that in turn harms others. Whatever actions Dorian follows in his life, ages his painting rather than himself, but these deeds eventually catch up to him and consume everything in his life.

4. “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”

This film features Elizabeth Taylor as the female lead, along with her ex husband, Richard Burton as the male counterpart. There is an unspoken conflict between the both of them, which unfolds in front of a newly married couple, and eventually disturbs them equally. The disturbing dynamic between Taylor and Burton’s characters have a ripple affect on themselves and eventually those around them, leaving the audience to question everything, and be absolutely unnerved by the end of the film.

5. “The Witches of Eastwick”

This movie details the story of three middle aged friends, who end up falling for the same man. There is a catch however. The man is an embodiment of a demon who has come to disrupt the ladies’ lives, and bring an end to them. The plot takes the audience on an otherworldly adventure, with feminist undertones.

Hopefully these recommendations help you to have a great October movie experience!


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