Five ways to warm up your humble abode:

1. Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are an amazing energy cleanser! I personally prefer them on a dark evening for when I need just a small dim lighting to help cozy up my room. Salt lamps are extremely affordable, and quite manageable. However make sure you do not have any cats around, or have the light fixture in an area that your pets can get to. The salt in the lamp can be toxic for animals.

2. Candles-

This suggestion is fairly basic, but it is all about finding the "out of the box" candle types. The best part is, you can even make your own! I prefer to purchase mine from my local thrift store, as sometimes I can find some never before used candles that are also very affordable.

3. Incense

Incense is a wonderful and powerful addition to a room! The smell is very strong, so make sure you purchase softer scents. Fun fact: in some religions incense is known to be the scent of life itself. I personally love these little scent sticks, because they give a calming affect that not many other decorations have.

4. Crystals

I have spoken about crystals in some of my past articles before, but I have to rave about them again! Not only are crystals lovely to look at, but they also each have different meanings and benefits and can be very helpful in self-betterment and healing. My personal favorites are cubic fluorite, opalite, and smoky quartz!

5. Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are a wonderful and ethereal addition to a room. I personally love it because one can have a completely neutral room, and by adding a lava lamp to the mixture, gain a very easy centerpiece decoration that immediately draws attention.


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