Freshman Welcome Week 2.0

Freshman Welcome Week is one week that occurs once a year in which freshmen are introduced to the school by seniors who dress them up, hang out with them and further build relationships.

Usually this special week is at the beginning of the school year, but because we are now back in person four days a week on campus, it had to occur a little bit later.

This year’s theme was “Welcome to the Herd."

On Monday the seniors were able to dress up the freshmen as farm animals or farmers. I chose to dress my freshman up as a cow but there were many freshmen dressed up as farmers or other animals.

On Tuesday there was a mass in which the whole school attended. This mass was especially made for the freshman class in order to integrate them more formally into the school.

On Thursday the seniors were able to dress up the freshmen in school colors: red, white and blue.

On Friday seniors and freshmen were able to wear their welcome week shirts, and after school they ate lunch together, which I feel really solidified the relationship between the freshmen class and the seniors.

I was so grateful to be a part of this week because I know how it felt as a freshman. I felt nervous for the rest of high school and I did not necessarily know tons of people. Having my senior buddy was really helpful because she gave me tons of advice and a new friend in the process.

Going into FWW being a senior, I wanted my freshman to feel the same- as though she has a new friend. I also wanted her to have fun and to not worry about the years to come because it will all fly by so quickly.

It was so great seeing the freshmen and the seniors interact and have so much fun since it has been such a crazy and unpredictable year. I also hope that the relationships we built this week will last a long time. I can not wait to see what the freshmen will do with their years here at Memorial.

Welcome to the herd Class of 2024!


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