From water polo to swim

San Joaquin Memorial Panthers have received another new informing update on sports.

The boys and girls water polo teams at SJM were recently informed that due to the certain color tiers set by Governor Gavin Newsom, water polo is unlikely to play a season until much later on in the year. Due to these conditions, the CIF has decided that swim will come first this year, rather than postpone it until after the late polo season.

Many students who play water polo actually swim as well, since swimming is a good form of conditioning for water polo. Many water polo players will still be with their team and be able to enjoy swim season together.

One senior athlete who plays both water polo and swim is Siobhan Jacoby. When asked how she felt about the postponement of her water polo season, Jacoby responded with, “I was upset, but we have swim season so I’m trying to make the best of it. It is nice to have at least one season for swimming, but it would have been nice to have a water polo season.”

Another senior athlete who plays both sports is Mikko Mowatt. When asked how he feels about there still being a chance to play water polo, he responded with "I'm glad there is a chance we still get to play water polo, however we just might not be playing our normal opponents."

We truly hope and pray for a miracle so all sports teams are allowed to play, especially for the case of the senior athletes.

On the government side of things there has been a small rumor going around that Newsom may be considering lifting the color tiers. Many are saying this is due to the “Let Us Play” protests and wide spread of a petition to remove the governor from office. These two things together put pressure on the governor because if he does not comply, he will see more names be added to the petition, increasing the possibility of him getting recalled.

However we do not know what will happen yet because Newsome has not said anything fully addressing the color tiers, all he has mentioned is "making a deal" with student athletes. No one truly knows what deal he is planning on making, but at least he has begun to speak and address the concerns of student athletes. Student athletes all over California are still waiting though, because as the year goes on and more time passes people are beginning to realize Covid is not going to go away, and learning to live with a new normal is the simple answer.


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