Goodbye shorts, hello sweaters

Fall is upon us. The weather is changing, it’s getting cooler and days are getting shorter. Leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. As we transition from the heat of the summer to the cold of fall and winter, our outfits slowly begin to change.

“Fall clothes for women primarily act as a barrier from the brisk weather—it’s a moment when layering is not simply a fashion choice, it’s a matter of practical dressing. This means we have to think about several components when getting dressed”, said Alexis Bennet from Vogue Magazine.

The components we should think about when dressing for the fall include being warm and cozy, as well as trying to be yourself and fashionable from head to toe.

I myself enjoy dressing in layers during the fall since I get cold easily. My fall outfits usually consist of casual pants, long sleeve knitted shirt, and a petty-coat, with heeled booties. When I am being more dressy, however, I dress in a beanie, knitted top, simple skirt with tights, a thick jacket, and heeled booties. Fall fashion is my favorite fashion because you could dress cutely in layers without being too hot or too cold.

I was curious about how the students at Memorial dress during the fall because there are so many different looks and styles you could try during the fall, with many different clothing articles to choose from. For example, you could wear a sweater, a jacket, leggings, jeans, beanies, gloves, and the list goes on.

“My favorite fall fashion has to do anything with neutral colors. I personally think neutral colors can easily be paired with anything,” said senior Miyah Carillo.

According to Nordstrom, a clothing line, “Neutrals are stealth style heroes for fall that you can build your entire wardrobe around. Beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey, white—these subdued yet super flattering tones take the stress out of outfit planning.”

The neutral tones in the fall are a simple but major fashion statement. “Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Meghan Markle have all long known the power of neutrals”, said Nordstrom. This is a simple and easy way to make a powerful fashion statement this fall.

While asking the seniors, a commonality between many was that sweaters were a fall fashion that is common and popular. Hence, “sweater weather”.

“Oversized sweaters are both warm and comfortable,” said senior Chiara Kelstrom.

Sweaters are my go-to fashion during the fall. It’s an easy way to stay warm and comfy. Many of the seniors said that they dressed for warmth and comfortability in the fall, which was the main component of fall fashion according to Vogue Magazine.

Senior Izabella Vasquez wearing one of her fall fashions

“My fall fashion for regular days consists of leggings and oversized sweaters to stay comfy and warm,” said senior Izabella Vasquez.

Another commonality between the seniors was flannels.

“I love flannels because they’re comfy and cute and you can style them down or style them up if you need to,” said senior Jess Gaskin.

According to Seventeen Magazine, a fashion magazine for teens, “Button-up flannel shirts are the white tees of fall – they're a go-with-everything”. The magazine discusses new ways to try and style your flannels. You could wear them buttoned up, knotted, around the waist, or as a skirt, unbuttoned with a t-shirt, or even as a dress with long boots. The cutest way I have seen the flannel worn was as a simple dress with a belt around the waist, tights, boots, and a coat over.

Another main article of clothing that was discussed by a few of the seniors was the shoes that match the fall outfits.

“For shoes, I wear simple air forces, Jordan’s or regular Adidas sneakers to just chill,” said senior TJ Hall.

But, you could also wear clogs, boots, docs (Doc Martins), sneakers, or loafers. Some of these shoes might sound like they’re for “old people”, but they are actually really cute ways to spice up your fall outfit. I never would have thought that I would wear loafers or thick boots because they looked funny, but trying them on with some fall outfits, they were actually really cute and pulled the whole outfit together.

From discussing fall fashion with the seniors on campus, I have learned new ways to style your clothing for the fall. And I hope many of you reading this found something that you might want to try, and that you try that new fall look. Because you never know, you might actually FALL in love with a new fall fashion!

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