Harry Styles a Concert Review

The lights, the sounds, the screams. What a night! I attended the Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Concert on November 10 in Sacramento Ca. You could hear the loud screams of teenage girls waiting in line from miles away. You could spot Styles' fans simply by their extravagant clothing. The image of the man himself illuminated downtown Sacramento. I too screamed in pure excitement.

The layout of the stage was perfect for the audience in order to see Styles at every angle. For those up top, like myself, I was able to see a running figure in white sequence and lilac bottoms the entire night. Although the anticipation of his arrival shook everyone in the crowd, Ms. Jenny Lewis was performing first.

The Love On Tour opener, Lewis, was a diamond on stage. Her beautiful voice and powerful energy radiated on the crowd. Though toward the end of her performance it took an unexpected turn. It was Lewis’ take on advertising her new single, "Puppy and a Truck." Lewis got a “call” from her dog Bobby Rhubarb during her performance, in which Bobby asked the audience to bark. This unexpected request left everyone in a barking gaze and filled the stadium with pure enjoyment.

Finally… the man we all waited for… Mr. Harry Styles made his appearance. The lights turned off, a blue hue filled the stage and a sparking orb appeared. The crowd went wild, so loud I heard silence. A piercing scream from the girls in front and tears from those next to me. I was so shocked, I could not believe where I was.

The opening song, Golden was played instantly. I viewed this song as Styles’ warm up, to get into the groove of his performance and break the ice off the audience. The performance was nothing short of perfection and glory, but the real kicker was the throwback songs he sang later in his performance.

Songs from his last album made an appearance as well as the One Direction hit, “What Makes You Beautiful”. This shocking addition to the set list left me and all those around in a haze. It seemed like the crowds were elevated and the screams could be heard by God.

Although there was a brief moment of technical difficulties, the performer made no awkwardness of the situation, he instead made lively conversation with those in the mosh pit. He later returned to this conversation where he looked at signs and talked to fans and it was a comical time. Styles was asked questions like, “will you punch me”, “tell me to quit my job”,”should I give him his shirt back?” where he had to cleverly answer and dodge a few risky situations he could’ve gotten into. This was one of the great times of the night.

The highlight of the concert had to be watching Styles run all over the place. With almost every song, he was running from one end of the stage to the other, without skipping a beat. It was truly impressive how well he was able to sing and run without appearing out of breath, but lo and behold, he managed quite well.

Before the encore, Styles took time to thank his band, and individually introduced them to the crowd. Adding to his speech, he thanked all the people who work at Golden 1 Center for making it possible to do concerts like his. Then he honorably mentioned the crew that comes to the arenas to build the stages long before we arrive and those who stay long after the concert ends. It was a sweet praise. Soon after he humbly said, “ things like this don't happen for a person like me. I would not be here without all of you.”

The overall experience was memorable. Both Harry Styles and Jenny Lewis were amazing performers, especially for this being the last leg of their tour. I would go back a thousand times if I could.


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