It's a girl's sport

Women all over enjoy playing sports and being active. Playing sports is a fun thing to do. Girls all over the world are playing different sports and looking up to different female icons as role models for their future.

A few of these big role models who help to not only inspire the younger generation, but also changed the face of sports include big names such as Simone Biles and Tia-Clair Toomey.

Professional gymnast Simone Biles has changed the face of women's sports. In 2016 Biles helped lead team U.S.A to another gold medal. At the Rio 2016 Olympics Biles won four gold medals and one bronze. After this performance at the Games Biles became known as one of the best gymnasts ever. Even after the Olympics and time off, she went back to training even harder. Biles is now performing skills in which people would have never dared to try. Biles is one athlete who took the sport of gymnastics to a whole new level. Not only is Biles changing the sport of gymnastics, but she is helping to inspire little girls all over the world. In fact one of Biles's big outreach duties is helping foster kids. Biles herself was apart of the foster program and so she understands first hand what those children go through. Biles works with a program called Project Glimmer. Simone believes that it is important to show support to foster kids, in one program there are over 400,000 foster kids. In fact she says that “In my mind, those are four hundred thousand talents waiting to be discovered. They simply lack the support and often the financial resources and opportunity to realize their potential. Working to help support foster youth means everything to me. I know what it's like. At age 5, that was me. I stood in those shoes. To now be an ambassador for this community is very fulfilling.”

Simone Biles not only advanced the level of gymnastics, but she inspires little kids all over that they all have a hidden talent inside of them, the only thing they have to do is work for it.

The final athlete is four time CrossFit games champion Tia-Clair Toomey. Tia to a few people might seem like a lesser known athlete to people who don't know or follow CrossFit. However, Tia is one of the fittest women on earth. Tia is an Olympian, she competed on Australia's Olympic weightlifting team in the 2016 Olympics where she took 14th. Tia unlike Simone is from Australia. The reason Tia is an athlete helping to change women's sports is because she is one athlete who is showing young girls and even old women that lifting weights and doing workouts similar to men can also be done as a women. She is showing that weightlifting does not have to always fall into that perspective of big muscular males, but instead can be fitting an average women.

Tia in fact struggled for a long time on learning to accept her body. She said it was hard when she started gaining lots of muscle because other women in stores would stare at her and say she is too bulky for a female. However after years of learning to accept herself Tia finally found peace, and strives to inspire women all over that having muscle and being strong is beautiful. Tia even said, "Go after what you really, truly want and believe in, because you're going to be so much happier inside and out if you do."

Today Tia is training for another CrossFit games, except this year she is also training to be on the Australian bobsled team for the 2022 Winter Olympics. I guess being that athletic and that fit you are able to adapt to any given sport.

Both of these women play different sports and project different attitudes on the world. The most beautiful thing of it all each one is so different from each other that there is now competition between them for one to be a better female role model, they all strive to inspire all women together.


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