It's the Most Stressful Time of the Year: College Application Season

Seniors are currently undergoing the most stressful part of their senior year: college application season. With the dawn of November, seniors are scrambling to submit their applications by their deadlines.

College applications are different for everyone, as there are several different types of application platforms for different schools. The Common App is widely used and most seniors are familiar with it. However, there are separate applications such as Cal State Apply, UC application, and other private school applications. This means that multiple essays must be submitted for different applications, which can be incredibly stressful.

“It’s very stressful planning out your entire future just with a few essays and questions about yourself,” says senior Analiese Figueroa. It is difficult to explain who you are as a person and student in just a few short essays.

An obstacle that many seniors have come across is balancing college applications with homework and extracurricular activities. Finding time to complete all the assignments they are assigned while working on applications can be very overwhelming.

“I’m still trying to find a balance between my applications and homework,” says senior Bella Vasquez.

This is one of the primary challenges that seniors experience as they have never had to balance schoolwork with college applications. This process can also be confusing as many seniors are unfamiliar with this process.


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