Last year, The Red and Blue produced its first edition of KSJM, a news show produced by The Red and Blue, prior to spring break. It showcased funny skits and words of encouragement for the upcoming finals. Now, KSJM has returned with a new mission: to produce new episodes which showcase the content created by our journalists and also to inform students about upcoming school events.The second edition of KSJM aired over Thanksgiving break and our team of journalists worked around the clock to bring the production to you. Here’s what happens behind the scenes of KSJM!

To start, a script must be made which details all the segments and equipment needed for the production. It consists of a broad timeline that guides our journalists as they work and gives them deadlines for specific pieces of the video. Our script was made by junior, Natalie Gonzales, a journalist here at The Red and Blue.

“It was so fun to make a script for KSJM! It was my first time writing something in that way and it really showed me how much goes into the logistics of a production like this," said junior Natalie Gonzales.

The next step to producing KSJM is the filming itself. For the most recent addition of KSJM, our journalists stayed after school to film. All the equipment needed to be moved from out of the storage room into the ‘filming room’ prior, once everything was set up it was time to film. Setting up included positioning the camera, microphone and green screen; as well as adjusting the lighting in the video and syncing the microphone with the filming equipment. Once all the preparations and set up is finally done, production can officially start.

KSJM is not filmed in just one take, many versions of the show are filmed and then compiled together in the last step, editing. While filming it takes a couple takes in order to get the perfect one, KSJM is so much fun to film that most of the outtakes are of our journalists, Chanel Breton and Emily Cullins, laughing. While editing, junior Madison Keiffer, must cipher through all the footage in order to find the right ones for the final production. This step of the process can sometimes take longer than the actual filming! There are many different ‘layers’ to a video such as audio, backgrounds, and text, which also need to be sorted out during the editing process. And finally, when all the editing is done, the video is ready for approval and publishing.

“Filming KSJm has been a really unique experience for me, I think it has been fun to take up such a big role in the class,” said junior Chanel Breton.

As we speak our journalists are in the middle of this process in order to bring you the third edition of KSJM very soon, stay tuned!


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