Let the games begin

San Joaquin Memorial had its first ever 2-day rally this past Tuesday and Thursday, February 23 and 25. The rally, along with 2021's homecoming events, was early 2000s themed. Students who are in the last half of the alphabet attended the rally on Tuesday, and the first half of the alphabet attended it on Thursday.

Though it seemed unlikely at the beginning of the school year that we would be able to safely hold large events such as this one Leadership teacher Kim Hodges and SJM's Associated Student Body were able to plan such an event.

Check out this link to see the recording.

"My favorite part of the rally was Miss Robinson and Mr. Medina's singing. I thought they were both talented and it got all the students excited to see their teachers in action having fun," said sophomore Vincenzo Smith.

There is nothing in this world, nothing I tell you, that is more empowering than watching a math teacher and a religion teacher belt their hearts out to High School Musical. These two superstars were also accompanied by Carlie Frye and Peter Allwine, who serenaded us with their lovely voices on Thursday. I think teacher participation needs to be a must-have for future rallies. I would pay to hear those teachers singing again.

"I think I forgot teachers can have talents other than teaching," said sophomore Josephine Nicholson.

No matter what the future holds for rallies and other SJM traditions, teacher involvement, such as the karaoke, will always be a crowd-pleaser. It is always nice to be reminded that teachers and staff are human too, and can have wild and funny personalities.

"When we started clapping during the music, I felt right at home. The entire school was united," said freshman Sky Sanchez.

Perhaps future rallies should consist entirely of teacher karaoke. February of 2021 will forever go down as the year that the world realized SJM has the coolest teachers. No doubt about it.

"I really liked the dodgeball game, and I think it’s one of everyone’s favorites when we get to see the classes compete directly with each other," said Nicholson.

Competition between the classes also seems to be an effective way of arousing emotion from the crowd.

"I would love to see more athletic competitions, like one on one basketball. I thought dodgeball was a blast and really got the students excited for their classmates," said Smith.

It is clear that the student body loves teacher participation and competition. Add a little popcorn and surely anyone would be entertained for hours.

"To be honest, I was surprised we even had a rally. With COVID-19, I didn’t think we would be able to have one. But the way they handled everything and stayed safe was really great," said Sanchez.

Thank you to Mrs. Hodges, the ASB and any members of administration involved in organizing and making this event possible. Hopefully, future rallies will be just as successful, if not more, than the Homecoming Rally of 2021. This could be the start of a beautiful tradition where brave souls are selected, or volunteered, from the staff to perform karaoke in front of the school.


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