Little Mix- Between us “Why it’s special!”

For those of you who don’t know Little Mix, they are an amazing girl group from the UK who’ve been the longest girl group to stay together(at least in the UK for sure), they’ve been an all girl singing group for a decade.

They went through a lot of battles within the last year or two but as well as some miracles happening. On November 5, 2021 they released a new single called ‘Between Us’ and I can say that this song is absolutely beautiful from the video to the meaning of each lyric.

There’s a couple of phrases that were repeated in the song. For example, “We walked through the fire and as the flames got higher it made us survivors, yeah it made us fighters.”

I know everyone has walked through a rough path with at least one person whether it was mom, dad, best friend, sister, brother, etc. but you overcame it by being by each other’s side.

In the song the girls also say, “So here’s my vow starting from here and now nothing comes between us, nothing comes between us I swear that we won’t lose this thing we’ve found cause love will never leave us nothing comes between us, between us.”

Again everyone has had that one person that went through the tough times with them and because of that you guys make a promise that nothing will come between you and your love for one another will always be there.

I chose this song to review and share with you all because these girls have always used their talent to share their stories with their fans and every time if not everyone almost everyone relates to it, whether it’s from a heartbreak, losing a special bond or promising the people you love that no matter what happens you’ll always be there for each other.

I really recommend listening to this song word for word because I promise it’s special. Lyric


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