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Photo Credit: Fresno Street Eats on Instagram

There is nothing that speaks to the soul like food - especially gourmet food. The satisfaction of digging into a fresh plate of handmade comfort food is irreplaceable. However, with the new health guidelines following the Covid-19 pandemic, many opportunities to indulge in these experiences disappeared; restaurants were closed, grocery stores had limited stock and food delivery services became all the more popular. One locally organized event known as Fresno Street Eats has provided a solution though… and wow is it a tasty one.

Fresno Street Eats is a conglomeration of locally owned food trucks that travel around the Fresno and Clovis area every day to bring its residents the familiar and much-welcomed experience of being served fresh, hot food. The event selects a variety of accessible locations through the two cities each week and sets up shop for several hours throughout the week, sometimes in two places in one night! The trucks are always followed by (socially distanced) crowds of families, friends and devoted patrons looking for a delicious meal.

Senior Emilee Sanders and Junior Sarah Marmolejo visited Fresno Street Eats on October 7 at the Shaw and McCall stop to see what all the buzz was about - and obviously partake in all the good food.

Photo Credit: Fresno Street Eats on Instagram

“I missed being handed fresh, hot food, but even more I loved that I was able to eat like five different kinds of food in one night,” said Marmolejo. She’s right - these food fare nights provide a variety of cuisines, such as poke, barbeque, tacos, carnival food and gourmet lemonades. Marmolejo’s favorite? The freshly made cinnamon rolls of course.

Photo Credit: Fresno Street Eats on Instagram

Sanders also expressed her immense satisfaction with Fresno Street Eats, saying “it hit the spot right after a grueling water polo practice.”

It is so important to maintain strong community bonds and social interactions any way one can during these times, and Fresno Street Eats is definitely doing its part to help bring the town together. While all guests must maintain social distancing and wear masks while shopping and eating, the friendly atmosphere is undeniable.

Photo Credit: Fresno Street Eats on Instagram

“It felt like going to a fair or was a little departure from the isolation that has become our new normal,” said Sanders. Organizing an event where Fresno and Clovis residents can gather, interact, support local businesses and eat delicious food is certainly a noble task on the part of Fresno Street Eats.

Having meals delivered to the door and sitting in drive-thrus can be tedious and lonely after so many months of a national lockdown, so these food fares are a welcome change of pace. This travelling band of food trucks is making the city’s pandemic experience a whole lot more pleasant, one paper dish at a time.


To experience Fresno Street Eats first-hand, visit their Instagram @fresnostreeteats to see their upcoming events for the week, and maybe (most-definitely) catch one of The Red and Blue writers there!


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