Meet the new ASB

Hello Panthers! Spencer here, and it is my pleasure to introduce you all to your new 2022 ASB in a more in-depth interview of all seven of us! As most of you may know ASB elections took place a couple of weeks ago, and this week will be student council elections, therefore I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know our ASB student council for the 2022 school year. Each member of the new ASB was asked a couple questions on why they were attracted to council, how they are prepared for being part of council and something personal about them to get to know each of them a little more better.

Sasha Richburg- President

Give me a S-A-S-H-A, meet Sasha Richburg! She is an individual with a multitude of talents, including being able to play a variety of instruments such as the piano, flute and drums at a young age. She is also in a plethora of clubs, such as S Club and National History Honor Society, where she is a board member and takes lead in club events and projects. Moreover Richburg loves to be involved in all school activities, which attracted her to being in student council.

As ASB President she is really looking forward to rallies and school dances, and hopes to have a normal return back to campus in the fall! As aforementioned Richburg has a passion for music but unfortunately San Joaquin Memorial does not have music classes or a band, therefore she hopes that this is something she can look into starting again and growing back into the program from previous years when SJM did have these musical based programs.

Another fun fact about Richburg is that she is the cheer captain at SJM which has really helped shape her leadership skills and encouraged her to take initiative. Richburg believes that her roles on the cheer team and ASB are very similar in that she is responsible for her team and leads as an example for them. This same concept can be applied to ASB, now as stated by Richburg herself, “my team is now the entire school.”

Spencer Douangphouxay- Vice President

The one writing to you now is your Vice President, Spencer Douangphouxay. If you do not know me, I am better known as Spencer D. or “that junior with the long last name.” First and foremost I want to thank all of those who voted for me on the ballot, I truly appreciate your support and will do my best for the collective success of all of SJM. A fun fact about me is that I have been part of the SJM’s theatre program Panther PlayHouse and had the privilege of partaking in various roles from acting to working backstage and facilitating the sound system. Because of this experience I have learned the value that all deeds big and small are part of a whole system that works toward success. I hope to apply this to ASB, and hope that every member of SJM can be a cog working together for an exciting, memorable school year. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to be part of ASB! Actually I have been attracted to student government ever since my freshman year, and had the privilege of running every single year of my high school year. Even though I did not win office my sophomore and junior year, I could not ask for a better experience, and this is something I definitely recommend trying to anyone who has an interest in making an impact at SJM!

Through student government I have the ability to represent something bigger than myself, and now being part of ASB I am representing more than just a class, but SJM as a whole. Overall my main goal for the next school year is to give back the feeling of a normal high school experience, with precautions in mind, and I hope that we can achieve this together!

Zoey Cardosa- Publicity

”She’s a runner, she’s a trackstar..” and now for Publicity, meet Zoey Cardosa! Cardosa is someone who is always dedicated to her work, and is always focused on her goals not only for herself, but everyone around her! She wants to promote a welcoming environment for all current SJM srude to, as well as future generations to come!

An interesting fact about Cardosa is that she has been to the States for cross country consecutively for two years during her freshman and sophomore year! With the help and encouragement of her coach Michael Danks-Ferguson and her teammates, Cardosa believes that her success is an accumulation of everyone’s support. The path to going to the States was hard, especially going for two years, but that is what she believes makes her the perfect candidate to be on the ASB council, as she will not give up and continue to work hard for the student body!

As your Publicity Commissioner she wants to promote the SJM image of faith, service and learning for the student body. She was attracted to ASB council because she wants to be part of the change in SJM, especially after COVID-19. She hopes to overall make next year fun and exciting and encourage all members of SJM to reflect panther pride in everything we do!

Analiese Figueroa- Secretary

She will keep you informed and your voice known, meet Analiese Figeroua! Figeroua is a very active member of the SJM community, especially when it comes to athletics! She has been part of the varsity soccer and cross country teams for three years now, and within those three years she has grown since her freshman year. She says what she has learned the most from participating in these sports the most is teamwork.

”Teamwork,” she says, ”demonstrates the bond that can be created by communicating, cooperating and connecting“ with each of her teammates. Through playing such a wide range of sports she learned the importance of working with others to achieve great results in a positive atmosphere.

Aside from being active in athletics and student activities, Figeroua is very active in helping our furry friends! When she has free time she volunteers at animal shelters and looks over dogs that need attention and care! If you ever have an animal in need, Figeroua is your person to count on! Figeroua developed an attraction to ASB council because of the many responsibilities and capabilities she would take over for the good of the student body.

By being a part of council she knows that she can make a difference for a fun and memorable school year and overall high school experience, and by being a part of council she could not ask for a better way to achieve all of these goals for all members of SJM.

Izabella Vasquez- Treasurer

She will make you treasure your school, meet Izabella Vasquez! Vasquez is someone you definitely count on to get the job done! You may have seen her cheering on the football field and at rallies, or you may have seen her lead in multiple service and club projects! She is a multi-talented individual who never gets overwhelmed and is always ready for the next task! Vasquez has always been interested in leadership roles which definitely pushed her to participate in student government. She wants to see the best in SJM, and wants to help SJM reach its full potential with the help of all members of the SJM community. BU being on council, she can definitely help achieve this goal!

Another reason she wanted to be part of ASB council is for the student population, she wants everyone to know that she plans on making every student feel recognized and made aware of what is going on at SJM. Therefore she wants you all to know to please do not hesitate to reach out and talk to her with any ideas and concerns regarding any activities.

Wtih COVID-19 being causal to many students missing out, she is most excited to plan out the rallies and dances to make the 2021-2022 school year one of the best! Something you may not know about Vasquez is that she is an experienced, competitive dancer! She has been dancing since the age of seven, which really molded her into who she is today from the values she learned from dance, such a discipline, responsibility, dedication and hard-work which she hopes to apply to her role in council.

As aforementioned Vasquez is a leader in multiple student activities, one of those being co-president of the World Languages Club which she believes will help her feel more confident as your ASB Treasurer. As co-president she learned how to be more responsible, organized and an amazing and cooperative leader! Overall Vasquez is thrilled to be on ASB, and hopes to make SJM the best it can be for the classes of ‘22, ‘23, ‘24, and soon to come ‘25!

Freddie Faul- Spirit Commissioner

Need some school spirit? You can definitely call on Faul to get your spirits lifted! Since freshman year Faul has always been interested in this position, and is absolutely grateful for this opportunity! In the past the spirit commissioners have always been charismatic and fun and Faul hopes to mirror those qualities to bring out the panther spirit and pride in everyone!

If you do not see Faul hyping up a crowd, you will definitely be able to spot him on the field! At his time at SJM he has been a part of the football and rugby teams, in which he believes taught him a lot about work ethic and putting in the work to achieve success and greatness. He hopes to apply what he learned on the field to every aspect of ASB and overall motivate and inspire others as the next Spirit Commissioner.

An interesting fact about Faul is that he has a wide variety of hobbies and interests, including playing video games to spending time at the gym to relaxing with a good book. A videogame he is really good at is Rocket League, although now he does not play it as much but definitely recommends this fun game.

Additionally he likes to hang out with his step brother at the gym and lift weights to stay active and fit. Overall Faul cannot wait for the next school year, and hopes you are ready too because you will be screaming panther pride like never before.

Alyssa Askins- Rally Commissioner

It is never a boring time with our new Rally Commissioner, Alyssa Askins! She is so excited to hopefully plan a lot of fun, exciting rallies and overall create never seen before, new games to the rallies to engage all students! Askins really believes that her position of ASB is the position for all the student body, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for the rallies please contact her!

Askins cannot wait for the upcoming year to not only plan rallies, but also organize lots of school events that will increase school spirit and student morale! She really wants to create the most fun and exciting environment for all grade levels! She is so grateful to be a part of the ASB council because of the privilege she has to be a leader on campus. She wants people to know that she wants everyone to feel comfortable bringing her any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have, and definitely wants her voice to be the entire student body’s voice.

Something she wants the student body to know is that when she “came to SJM, [she] knew no one. Yet, now [she has] met so many amazing people and now [her] last year at SJM is coming up, looking back [she knows she] made the right decision to come here.”

Therefore she wants you to know that even through the toughest of times and struggles you may experience right now, things will get better and the SJM community will be here to support you! Askins wants you to know that you are in the right place, and if you ever need advice or anyone to talk to do not hesitate to reach out, because almost everyone will drop what they are doing to help! Askins cannot wait to embark on this journey with all of you, and she hopes that you can count on her for one of the best school years!


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