Memorial girls volleyball faces some challenges

A group of San Joaquin Memorial athletes recently received news no athlete or even parent wanted to hear.

The Memorial girls volleyball team was informed last week that under the current circumstances of the pandemic, it is highly unlikely that there will be a normal 2021 volleyball season- meaning that all the seniors on the team have probably lost out on their last year to play.

Coach Martina Gregusova sent out an email to all the players informing them of further postponement. In the email they talked about how Fresno is doing their best to follow the guidelines given by the CDC. There is talk that things could miraculously change, but the way things are going it is not looking likely.

Players on the team were crushed and saddened with the news, especially coming off of last year's success of earning the title of the 2019 Valley Champions.

“I am definitely disappointed that we don’t get to have a senior season, but it has also made me more grateful for our history making season last year. I‘m sad that my high school career will most likely end much sooner than I expected, but I’m excited to see where the future leads for myself and all of my teammates," says senior Catherine Gleason.

On the bright side of things club volleyball teams are still allowed to practice since they have no association to individual schools. Because of this many Memorial athletes can make the decision to play club volleyball instead. For seniors this can mean one last chance to play the sport they love.

We are truly saddened to hear our Lady Panthers might not be able to play this season, especially for the seniors. We would like to congratulate the seniors on the Memorial volleyball team for all their hard work in the past years and for their dedication to Memorial volleyball. We wish all you seniors the best of luck in your future endeavors.


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