My Experience Seeing Hamilton: An American Musical

Hamilton: An American Musical is a musical written by Lin-Manuel Mirand. Originally debuting in 2015, Hamilton follows the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. The musical starts off with Hamilton being a student at Kings College during 1776. While there, he meets Aaron Burr, John Laurens, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan and they discuss their thoughts regarding the revolution going on within America.

As time progressed, Hamilton established himself as a strong soldier and thinker with Hamilton even becoming George Washington’s aide-de-camp. Not long after Hamilton gains this title he is let go due to him dueling Charles Lee after he insulted Washington. Hamilton returns home and receives word that his wife Eliza is pregnant with her first child. Hamilton is recruited back by Washington in order to plan the last Battle of Yorktown which ultimately led to an American victory and independence being achieved.

Hamilton returns home and waves off Eliza who will be going upstate for the summer to visit family. During this summer, Hamilton has an affair and also creates the Compromise of 1790 which established Hamilton’s financial plan for America. Burr becomes jealous of the power Hamilton has within the government which results in him switching political parties making Hamilton his now enemy. Washington resigns his presidency and John Adams becomes the 2nd president and with that he fires Hamilton. Hamilton’s affair became known to Jefferson, Madison, and Burr who now blackmail him with it. Instead of Hamilton letting them hold his affair over his head he publicizes his affair which results in him ruining his relationship with Eliza. However their relationship is later salvaged after the death of their son Philip who was fatally shot in a duel. When the next presidential election came around Hamilton endorsed Thomas Jefferson rather than Burr which angered Burr and led to him challenging Hamilton to a duel. This duel results in Burr shooting Hamilton between the ribs and Hamilton dying. The musical ends with Eliza reflecting on Hamilton’s life and how she continued on his legacy through interviewing war veterans and establishing the first orphanage.

Ever since Hamilton’s debut, it has been critically acclaimed both by audiences and critics alike. In 2015 Hamilton was nominated for 16 Tony Awards and won 10 out of 16 of these nominations. Hamilton has become a household name that is loved by many however despite this I myself have never watched Hamilton despite being a “theater kid.” My best friend from middle school, Grace, reached out to me and my friend Jocelyn asking if we wanted to see Hamilton with them and a couple of their other friends and we obviously said yes. Here is a look into my experience seeing Hamilton.


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