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Despite the fact that we are on a hybrid schedule and not fully back to business, that is not stopping Junior Ashley Belleza from trying to better the community and SJM’s campus. She is partnering up with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to create a fundraiser that will help raise money to improve the SJM bus stop by the Floradora exit.

The Floradora bus stop, via Google Earth

The bus stop located on the south side of campus, is primarily used to drop off and pick up students who live out of town or people who do not have a means of transportation to and from SJM. It also serves the purpose of picking up SJM sports teams for away games and as the bus stop for opponents when they come to SJM.

“I chose to fundraise for this cause because although I do not specifically use the bus to get to and from school, [before the pandemic] I would stay and sit at the bus stop with many of my friends who do use the bus… My hope is to make enough money to give to the school to allow them to make these improvements for all students, not just those who use the bus stop” Belleza said.

As to how she is raising money, Belleza is selling various candies and gift boxes for Valentine’s Day from Jan. 22 2021 to Feb. 5 2021, which will be ready to pick up on Feb. 12. Such sweets include gourmet mini truffles, boxes of nuts, caramels and assorted chocolates and more.

The list of candies available for purchase

The goal is to raise $1,500 in donations to help improve and renovate the Floradora bus stop. To place an order and donate to the cause, email Ashley Belleza at Please note that she is only accepting cash payments.

“I’m very proud of Ashley for this idea and I hope everyone buys candy to help the bus stop… We all need to help our community in any way we can.” said Senior and Service Club President Ellie Luchini.

Please consider supporting and donating to this fundraiser to help improve SJM’s campus for both our eventual return to campus and for the many years to come.


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