On the path to sainthood

On October 10, better known as last Saturday, Blessed Carlos Acutis was beatified in Assisi, Italy after a miracle that was accredited to both his intercession and God’s mercy was verified by the Catholic Church. If Carlos were to complete the process of canonization, he would officially become the very first millennial saint.

“What makes it so extraordinary is that he was ordinary. We’re telling people the guy you should be following is a guy very similar to you,” said Father Will Conquer, a priest who wrote about Acutis.

Acutis was born on May 3 1991 in London. He was raised non-religious, but at the young age of seven, he began to explore the Catholic faith and attend daily mass. He never missed a day after that. According to his mother, Carlos always tried to help the poor living in his area. He often provided the homeless with food and sleeping bags.

Acutiswas a normal teenager who enjoyed doing leisurely activities that we all do. In his free time he played video games (which he limited himself to about an hour a week) made videos with his dog, played soccer and practiced his air guitar skills. His go-to-outfit was a pair of jeans, Nike shoes and a sweater.

Acutis was diagnosed with Leukemia and died at the young age of fifteen on October 12 2006. Before his death, Acutis created his own bebiste dedicated to documenting miracles around the world.

“The witness of Blessed Carlos Acutis indicates to today’s young people that true happiness is found by putting God in first place and serving Him in our brothers and sisters, especially the least,” said Pope Francis.

On October 12 2013, exactly seven years after Acutis' death, the first miracle attributed to both his name and God’s mercy, took place. A young boy in Brazil, named Mattheus, was miraculously cured of his annular pancreas, a birth defect that kept him from being able to eat solid foods and caused abdominal pain. Because of his condition Mattheus was not expected to live much longer; at the age of four, he weighed only twenty pounds. However after coming into contact with a second-class relic from Acutis' life, Matheus miraculously recovered.

“Healing began immediately, to the point that the physiology of the organ in question changed,” Father Gori, a priest in charge of promoting Acutis' canonization, said.

With only one more miracle to go, Blessed Carlos Acutis very well may be the first ever millennial saint. He is an example for young people striving to do good and holy acts of kindness. From him we too can learn to use the internet to spread messages of love.

“Everything that he did you can do, honestly. And that’s what gives us all a lot of hope,” Father Conquer said.


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