Senioritis has struck

As the school year is winding down, senioritis is hitting an all time high.

If you do not know what senioritis is, it is a great decrease in motivation in the senior class toward the end of the school year. Honestly, most of us are currently dealing with a bad case of this.

In my personal experience, senioritis just hit me like a truck last week.

To give you all more of an insight into the current senior situation, I asked seniors at SJM about their biggest senioritis moment.

The common theme amongst the senior class is not completing homework, with one student stating, “my biggest senioritis moment is not doing my personal finance homework for like 4 weeks,” and another “... not doing ANY of my personal finance homework.”

Another common theme of the senior class is procrastination. I can attest to this, as I would much rather go to bed early then stay up late doing homework due the next day. One student stated, “I didn’t start working on my AP Research presentation until the night before.”

I also received some pretty unique responses, with one being, “I didn’t do my English essay, just completely dismissed it and took the L just because I didn’t want to do it.” That one made me laugh a little when I first read it.

Another unique, but understandable response I received was, “When I gave up on my assignment for AP psychology and didn’t realize it was like 40 some questions and I failed it.” I have definitely done that more than once.

One kind of sad reply I received was, “... Procrastinating college registration and failing to meet the deadline for priority registration.”

Another reply that I ABSOLUTELY love is, “My biggest senioritis moment was when I had to work on Mr. Danks’ Senior Service Reflection Project.”

These responses do not reflect the hard work we have put in the past four years. They are solely meant to share joy and humor with you all as the class of 2021 has just 13 short days left on the SJM campus.


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