Soccer season so far

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Roughly one year after school suddenly came to a screeching halt, we have thankfully returned to in-person learning and our sports seasons are quickly underway. For the past four years, I have played on our school's girls soccer team and the girls tennis team. However this year, I chose to dedicate myself to just the soccer team considering the unusual overlap in seasons. Last year, we had a remarkable season that sadly ended with a loss against Kingsburg in the Valley Championship.

The team is ecstatic to finally play again and take our shot at playing for another Valley Championship. So far, we are three games in with a record of 3-1 (three wins, one loss) and look forward to our game against Liberty-Madera on 3/23. Last year we played 31 games as a team, and while we only had 18 games guaranteed this year, we face several challenging games against Buchanan and Central.

In just our past three games, our opponents have been tough competitors so far, but with each game, we are learning more and more about our strengths and weaknesses to help prepare us for league play in April. Unfortunately, we are already dealing with some setbacks as we struggle with hurt players, but we are praying for speedy recoveries.

If the past year's struggles have taught us anything, I think we have all learned that we need sports in our lives. We need the community that comes from playing with our classmates and fighting through the challenges and struggles that sports bring. For many of us, sports are an outlet; they allow us to escape school stress and instead focus on something that brings happiness into our lives.

I know personally that despite the times I do not look forward to going to practice or even playing in games, I was heartbroken at the thought of losing sports this year because sports encompass more than just winning and losing; it is about the family that is built by each team on campus.

As a senior, I will be heartbroken to leave this at the end of the season after the joy this squad has brought me over the past four years. However I am super excited that we finally get to compete, and I hope we can make it the best season it can possibly be.


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