Students speak about our new schedule

As we begin this second semester after a long break, all students have been informed of the new schedule.

Last semester, many students were vocal about the schedule as some believed classes were too long and others thought homeroom was unnecessary. These opinions are reflected in this semester’s current schedule.

Some major changes include:

-no homeroom

-two days of lunch a week

-shorter classes

-White day on Wednesday

While most of the changes were actually proposed by the students, many want to voice their contradicting opinions on this semester’s schedule.

In an Instagram poll seeking the opinions of students on the new schedule, we received many responses.

A majority of the responses we received expressed that students are not the biggest fans the new schedule with one student saying, “it maintains its purpose so far” while another said they “liked the last schedule better.”

As far as the week overall goes, students stated “Mondays should be a white day,” and they “wish Fridays were red days.” Some even called for the return of homeroom, which was one of the main parts of the day that most students wanted gone.

As for the day-to-day aspect of things, one student said “less lunches kind of bites though.” As a senior I understand where that opinion comes from. It is my last year with all of my friends and I want to be able to be with them as much as possible which was already pretty limited.

On white days, some students stated that ten minute breaks between each class adds so much extra and seemingly unnecessary time onto the longest school day of the week.

While some students were very specific and vocal, others were brief with their opinions saying “it’s weird,” and that they feel confused about the new schedule.

While I have my own personal beliefs about specific parts of the schedule, there is one definitive: whether we like it or not, it is unlikely it will see any major changes this semester. I personally am just very grateful for the fact that we have the opportunity to go back to school in any capacity. Hopefully by the fall 2021 semester there will be no need for such complicated schedules and articles such as these.


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