Thank You to Women’s Inventions

Most of us do not know the history of the things we use everyday. There are many different inventions that we use daily that were created by women. In honor of Women's History Month, we will highlight some of the inventions made or improved by women. These are only a few of the many different inventions made by women over the years.

To start us off, a major invention that was created by a woman was the computer algorithm in 1843. This is something a lot of us happen to use everyday with school work and other activities. The computer algorithm was invented by Ada Lovelace who worked with professor Charle Babbage. Professor Babbage had some original notes that Lovelace revised and added to which tripled the original, and was then credited with writing the world’s first computer algorithm. Although the algorithm we use now is probably different from 1843, without Ada Lovelace, we might not have the basics of computer algorithms.

This next woman improved one of the things that has saved many lives over time. A life raft was improved by Maria Beasley who had already invented other machines with patents. She went on to design a more improved version of the life raft in 1882. Her revised version had guard rails that were fireproof and foldable for easy storage. She took something that was already made and revised it to make it safer for all. She is a great example of someone taking what is already here and making it better. Maria’s life rafts were used to save many lives on the Titanic and other ships.

This is another example of a woman who found something that was already being made naturally and created something we all use today in our cars. In 1893, Margaret Wilcox took the heat that was already being produced by combustion and invented a way to heat our cars by channeling air over the engine and into the car. She was able to take something that was already a byproduct of the car itself and change it into something that people use everyday.

There is history behind all of the inventions that we use everyday. Today we highlighted some of the amazing female inventors. Although some women were not able to receive patents in their time or get the credit they deserved, we thank them. Most of us do not think twice about who made the toaster we used for breakfast or the shoes on our feet. We should continue to learn about these different things about both men and women.

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