The 93rd nominations for movies without an Oscar in them

Nothing says springtime like allergies, buzzing bees, 70 to 90 degree weather and the annual Oscars. Yes that is right, the 93rd Academy Awards is coming around on Sunday April 25 despite this year's lack of blockbuster movies. With 23 categories (5 categories that are actually talked about) and even fewer movies that made the news, let us see the lineup for the 2021 Oscars for the most talked about and honestly overhyped category: Best Picture.

For the Best Picture category, there are eight individual movies that made the cut and were present in nearly every other category, which is an indicator that these movies are either really good or 2020 was a bad year for movies (spoiler it is the former- watch all of the movies, they are really good). For brevity, I will be talking about the three movies that I personally enjoyed the most when watching and find most likely to win the Oscar.

Starting off the nominees is The Father starring Anthony Hopkins (who was also nominated for Best Lead Actor) and directed by Florian Zeller. It is a drama following an old man as he struggles with progressive memory loss while his family struggles to support him. Harrowing and uncannily accurate in its depiction of mental deterioration, Anthony Hopkins delivers an emotionally gripping performance that will break your heart. It is currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

Anthony Hopkins as Anthony (The character, not himself, I hope)

Nomadland stars Frances McDormand (also nominated for Best Actress) and was directed, written, edited and produced by Chloé Zhao (also nominated for Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Film Editing). It follows a woman who decides to be a homeless nomad and travels the United States and is based on the 2017 non-fiction book “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century." This is one of those films where you just have to watch it, no description of the film will do it justice and is most likely going to win the Oscar. It is currently available to watch on Hulu.

Last but certainly not least, Judas and the Black Messiah, starring Daniel Kaluuya (also nominated for Best Supporting Role (even though he had the primary role of the film but he also did not, it is hard to explain)) and directed by Shaka King (also nominated for Best Director). It is a biographical drama and follows the betrayal of Black Panther Chairman of the Illinois chapter Fred Hampton by the FBI in late 1960’s Chicago. Topical, impactful, raw and unapologetically risky, this film is full to the brim with wit, dramatic and harrowing themes and fantastic performances while still remaining true to the history it is based on. It is currently available on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.


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