The Annual Christmas Tea

The annual SJM Christmas Tea made its comeback on December 5th, since the last one occurred in 2019. Walking into the gym felt like I was walking into a winter wonderland as it was transformed with magical Christmas decorations. Moms and daughters filled the gym, as the guild sponsors this event. In sponsoring this event, members of the SJM community can choose to buy a table and decorate their table however they choose. Dorothy Christensen, a dedicated mother at Memorial, helps mothers decorate their tables and she takes on the task of making this event special for everyone who attends.

While the Christmas Tea is a wonderful event for everyone who attends, there is a lot of preparation that goes into planning for this event and executing all the details. There are hours of preparation involved in this event, as decorations fill the gym. These hours of dedication are predominantly done by members of the Guild, but specifically Dorothy Christensen. At the beginning of the Tea, Mrs. Christensen described her appreciation for the event as she explained it was the last Christmas Tea as her last son is graduating this year. She explained that she had been in charge of the Christmas Tea since 2005, which made her emotional as she delivered this message to all the attendees. This made the crowd emotional as well, as most members of the SJM community know Mrs. Christensen.

The Tea went on as everyone got in line to get their food and desserts. Finger sandwiches and salad were served, which was highly fitting for the Tea. There were also two dessert tables filled with every dessert imaginable. While everyone was eating, Christmas music was playing as everyone began to enjoy their tea, coffee, and food. A new addition to the Tea was a play performed by some members of the Drama club. An act from Little Women was showcased as four SJM students displayed their passion for acting. This was a new form of entertainment added to the Christmas Tea, which was highly enjoyed by the crowd.

Overall, the Christmas Tea was a success and allowed moms and daughters to take time to relax and appreciate the Christmas season. I hope that this tradition continues for many more years to come, because it is one of my favorite events at Memorial.


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