The Finals Countdown: Tips on how to reduce study stress

December is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for all students at SJM the first part of the month can be anxiety inducing. Finals are fast approaching, and lines at coffee shops are starting to get noticeably longer. Students begin to furiously fill out their study guides or pull all-nighters to get the grades they deserve. While finals is known for being a stressful time, there are some tricks that can help everyone get through them a little easier.

1. Use your breaks wisely

Instead of using your spare fifteen minutes to scroll through social media, take some time to go outside or go on a walk. Exercising releases endorphins that will make you feel refreshed for your next study secession.

2. Get enough sleep

This is a crucial point. Waking up four hours after you fell asleep, or not going to sleep at all, will negatively affect your test taking experiences. Sleep deprivation increases stress and hinders the brain from fully forming memories. So if you want to remember some last minute facts, remember to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Make a support group

Find a group of family and friends that you can rely on to help you get through those tough study sessions. Whenever you start to feel discouraged, or just want to talk, call or meet them in person to rant and destress.

4. Move to different study spaces

After sitting at a desk for hours on end, studying can start to feel cramped and dull. Sometimes it’s best to leave your desk behind and take you and your study materials to another room. The new space can keep your study schedule energized and on task. I recommend having at least one living plant or an open window in each environment you study in.

Study hard and do a great job on your finals this week Panthers!


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