The Role of a Campus Minister

Do you ever wonder who writes the prayers you hear over announcements or who plans every school-wide mass? Well, these tasks are some of the several duties of the Campus Ministry team.

One of the biggest aspects that brings the community of San Joaquin Memorial together is faith. However, many students are unfamiliar with how their fellow peers in Campus Ministry contribute to the promotion of this aspect.

“The role of a campus minister involves planning retreats, masses, prayer at the fountain, other prayer services, and leading the school in growing closer to God”, says Campus Ministry Team member, Wunmi Omololu.

Along with completing daily assignments in the classroom, these team members have the responsibility of using their own faith to inspire others and help them spiritually develop through these various prayerful events.

Though the Campus ministers are still adjusting to their responsibilities and roles, many of them have concluded that joining the class was one of their best decisions.

“This role is one that has meant a significant amount to me, as it has shown me how God is truly working in my life and what his purpose is for me,” says Campus Ministry Team member, Alyssa Askins.

Along with helping others grow in their faith, the team reveals that they are fond of simultaneously growing in their own faith as well. This has allowed them to become better role models and set Christ-like examples for their peers.

An essential part of being on the Campus Ministry team is the aspect of teamwork and unity among all of the Campus Ministers.

“My favorite part about being a Campus Minister is working with my peers and helping each other grow in our faith,” said Campus Minister, Jacob Levy.

This class is unlike any other class at Memorial as they have a strong bond with each other, through their faith and relationship with God.

It is important to realize how the Campus Ministry team affects student life at Memorial, as they help students grow closer to God and spread his love to the student body. So, next time you attend Mass or prayer at the fountain, I hope you realize the planning that went into the event and how you can grow closer to God.


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