Three big questions about coming back to campus

With the recent news that San Joaquin Memorial will return to physical school on October 19 there are many concerns and questions about how the hybrid schedule will function. This article will serve as a guide to clear the air on three big questions about the hybrid schedule so that students and parents can make an informed decision on whether or not they should return to physical school or if they should stay online.

The new hybrid schedule for those returning to physical school is as follows. Mondays will have everyone online learning through Zoom, following the same online learning schedule the school has been following since the beginning of the year. Classes on campus will last eighty minutes, compared to the sixty minute online learning sessions, and homeroom will last twenty five minutes.

On campus, students will have a single ten minute break between periods one and two, and between period 5 and homeroom. Blue days will end at 3:30 pm and Red days will end at 2:30 pm. Every school day will begin at 9 am.

Students with the last names A-K will have the opportunity to go onto campus physically on Tuesdays and Fridays. For students with the last names L-Z, they will have the opportunity to go to campus physically on Wednesday and Thursday. For those who are not on campus on any given day, lessons will be taught virtually through both pre-recorded videos and live Zoom sessions.

In order to minimize group sizes the hybrid learning schedule, splits lunch periods. After the first two classes of the day the school will be split into two blocks: lower and upper. The upper block will, after finishing their second period, go to their third period, and then lunch for thirty five minutes. The lower block will go to lunch right after their second period, and then will go to their third period. However all students will attend their fourth periods at the same time. The same structure will be followed on Red days. This begs the question: what determines if you will end up in the lower or upper block?

After asking several teachers, the simplest answer to this question is that it is fully dependent on who is in your third and sixth periods. If your third period is mainly upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) then you will be placed in the upper block, and if your third period is mainly lowerclassmen (freshman and sophomores) then you will be placed in the lower block. The same rules apply with your sixth period.

Now what do you do if you want to switch from virtual to hybrid schedules or vice versa?

For students who want to switch from 100% online to the hybrid schedule or vice versa, know that you can do so only once. Due to the short amount of time left in the semester, students will only be allowed to swap between the 100% virtual learning schedule and the hybrid schedule one time. This means that if a student choose to swap from the hybrid learning schedule back to the 100% virtual learning schedule, they will be locked into the 100% virtual learning schedule for the rest of the semester.

Hopefully this article clarified how the hybrid schedule works and what learning on campus will be like. Although adjusting to the new hybrid schedule will be difficult, we can only hope that it allows students to reconnect with their peers and with their teachers in a healthy and more importantly, safe environment.


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