Thrifting for the win

Thrifting is such an amazing way to be able to get out into your community and allow for a better and more sustainable environment. It has multiple of benefits which can be seen as personal, environmental and humanitarianism. This is why drifting is such a beneficial past time:

1. Personal Benefits

Be able to do an individual activity when either board, looking for artistic exploration, or just wanting to go shopping is amazing. I have always really liked drifting because I am able to artistically explore my own style and how I exude my personality through what I wear. I am also able to get mini home-decor items and refurbish them which makes a really good activity to help me calm down.

2. Environmental Benefits

Thrifting has so many environmental benefits! Typically when done with the use of clothes because of outgrowing them, or they are not your style anymore, a lot of people actually will throw out their clothes into dumpsters. Those same clothes end up in landfills and just taking way too long of a time to biodegrade. Thrifting is amazing, because it takes away the factory portion of making clothes which pollutes our air, and allows close to not end up in landfills. People are able to reuse said clothes or home items and recycle them later. It is a healthy cycle.

3. Humanitarian Benefits

Typically even having to make clothes that are unused they will have to be worked on in a factory. These clothing factories pay their workers little to nothing, and take advantage of immigrants who are put in a difficult place. There are so many negative health conditions in these work places however the companies do not really even care. We all know about Amazon, so we should probably be also applying a similar standard to other corporate clothing and furnishing companies. However with thrifting there is no work needed or involved except for a volunteer who works at the cash register on a daily basis. Additionally, if these people are not volunteers then they will get paid. Lastly, typically thrift stores will have some sort of charity that their money goes to- whether it is a portion or all of it. Goodwill for example is one of the biggest commercial chain thrift stores, and they help fund jobs for the underprivileged. ASPCA has a thrift store that is specifically dedicated to sheltering animals and helping them find a better life.

It is so beyond important to recognize these thrifting benefits. If more people started to thrift, then we would have a much better environment, personal past time and community as a whole.


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