Together we can give hope

Over a year ago, Coronavirus brought everyone’s lives to a halt, and especially impacted the lives of those in need. Because of the hardships many are facing during Covid, specifically the homeless population, a group of students decided to band together to try and bring relief to the communities in need. This group consists of students: Nathalie Medrano, Spencer Douangphouxay, Annalisa Rouse, Megan McCraw and Izabella Vasquez. Together, these students are hosting a canned food drive to help the underprivileged community in the Fresno County community.

The leader of this group, Nathalie Medrano, decided to specifically work with HOPE Sanger, an organization that provides housing and food for the impoverished.

“As a person who lives fifteen minutes away from Sanger and commutes to Fresno practically every day, I was able to see how the town and its residents function. I realized that poverty is a growing issue in Sanger and that few organizations focus on helping the homeless population from smaller towns," said Medrano about why she chose HOPE Sanger. Medrano’s concerns sparked initiative to begin this drive that will potentially impact hundreds of lives in the Fresno region.

When asked what further initiated her interest in this organization she explains, “[w]hat immediately stood out to me was the slogan 'Help Our People Emmanuel' as it represented a multi-denominational faith-based community that focused on helping others. To me, it resembled a close-knit family, similar to San Joaquin Memorial High School” (Medrano).

The close-knit family that Medrano explains truly encapsulates the close dynamic SJM students are fortunate enough to experience. It is with great hopes that SJM students will be willing to share this sense of community with the people at HOPE Sanger.

It is important during such uncertain times to be able to come together as a community and work towards a positive change. SJM itself embodies this community, making it one of the most stable foundations for such an important organization. It is the wish of the drive to capture the strength of memorial kindness and place it in the heart of Hope Sanger, spreading the message that times may be hard, but there is always the chance to move forward. With just a simple donation of twenty non-perishable items, we are embodying that message. The message that with spreading just a bit of hope, great change is possible.


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