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With warm weather starting up and summer coming right around the corner, many people are looking to get out of the house and venture into the outside world.

There are many things to do outside. Activities include hiking, boating, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding biking etc. Today I am going to tell you about three hikes right in our backyard!

The first hike is the hike to Twin Lakes. This hike is a ore challenging hike. It is a total of eight miles. However once you reach your destination the hike is totally worth it. The trail head is located about 5 minutes above Huntington Lake. On the hike you will first hit the lower twin lake, now this lake is smaller, but keep going and you reach the beautiful big upper twin. Now there are no boats on this lake, since the only way to access it is by hiking to it. However if you desire, you are able to camp up here. On the plus side the Twin Lakes hike is pet friendly!

The second hike is a much easier hike. This is the hike to Rancheria Falls. This hike is located up in the Huntington lake region. The hike is about a mile and a half long. This hike is much more popular so the trail will be populated with people. When you reach the falls you will see a gorgeous waterfall which is just gushing with water. I personally recommend going in May or June since this is when all the snow will be melting and so there will be a lot of water. There are rocks on one side which if you please you can climb up on them. This trail is also pet friendly!

The third hike, which is very common and popular, but one of the most beautiful is Half Dome. This is definitely one of the most challenging hikes, but something about Yosemite is just so breath taking that it does not even make the hike feel super hard. When hiking to half dome you end up passing many different waterfalls and landscapes. One notable waterfall is Vernal falls. This is also known as the Mist Trail. This part of the hike is one of the most breath taking parts because you walk up these rock staircase which is right next to the waterfall. In fact you even some mist from the falls, hints why it is called the Mist Trail. As the hike continues, the elevation rising and the mountains get much steeper. However once you reach half dome it is totally worth it. However in order to climb up half dome you must have a permit, since this is a dangerous part of the hike. Unfortunately this hike is not pet friendly though.

So if your looking for some adventure this summer here are three very fun and exciting hikes that your family and you can embark on.


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