Welcome to the Badminton Club!

Heading to the grass on the west side of the 20’s arcade on January 28, a group of people could be seen carrying out rackets, portable badminton nets, and messing around with each other. The energy was up, everyone seemed excited- the ideal setting for the first badminton practice of 2022.

The Badminton Club has quickly become hard to miss around SJM campus, with an instagram page that has a wide following and a google classroom with 88 members in it. With Mr. Clark as their moderator, the goals of the Badminton Club include providing a safe, fun environment for friends to play badminton together, and to keep growing their club.

Who would I recommend the Badminton Club to? In short, everyone. I can easily see the welcoming energy of the club being easy for a freshman to feel comfortable in. Meanwhile, sophomores, juniors, and seniors would enjoy an afternoon with their friends, with homework off their minds. Plus, delicious refreshments were even provided! Though I’m not promising them at every future meeting.

Without further ado, enjoy the interview with club co-founders (or as they told me, the "founding fathers"), Ryan Nakada (grade 11) and Jacob Wall (grade 10). They hope to see you out there on the (portable) badminton court!


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