What about Women’s Rights?

Women and girls are the most disenfranchised group in the world. Even in places where huge strides have been made, gaps in equality remain.

Women's rights are basic human rights claimed for women and girls all over the world. It was enshrined by the United Nations around 70 years ago for every human on the earth. It includes many things which range from equal pay to the right to education.

Importance of Women Rights:

Women rights are very important for everyone all over the world. This doesn’t just benefit her, but the entire society. When women can start receiving equal rights, the world can progress together with everyone playing an essential role.

If there aren’t proper rights given to women, how can a society work? When looking into the world as a whole, women were, and will always be, the glue. Furthermore, it is a game-changer for those women who suffer from gender discrimination to finally receive proper rights.

How to fight for Women's Rights:

Even though the world has developed and women have more freedom than before, we all need to participate in the fight for women's rights. In other words, the fight is far from over.

First things first, it's essential to raise our voices. We must make some type of noise about the issues that women face on a daily basis. Spark up conversations through your social media and/or make people aware if they are misinformed. Do not be a mute spectator to the violence that many women face such as sexism, racism, and economic equality. Take a stand.

Women and young girls experience discrimination on a daily basis, including myself. There are women all over the world that have their own stories, and on behalf of Afghanistan women, here’s their story.

On September 20th of this year, Afghanistan’s government made it known that it was severely restricting education for girls and women despite the fact that the Taliban claims that schooling will eventually resume.

The director of a girl’s school in Kabul desperately wants to learn details on the Taliban’s plan for girls education, but she cannot attend the weekly Taliban committee meetings on education.

They are only meant for men, and have told her that she "should send a male representative.” You can read more about this and other stories on this topic at Women’s Rights.

To sum it up, when women and girls get full access to their rights, they will be able to enjoy a life of freedom. This includes everything from equal pay, to land ownership rights, and so much more. Furthermore, a country can and will only develop when its women get an equal say in everything and are treated equally.


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