What’s Cooking in Italy?

In late September, the Italian classes made a splash in the kitchen. After completing a cooking unit, "Professoressa" Brillante took her students to Willinger Hall to make their very own pizzas!

"Professoressa Brillante" wanted to give her class a hands- on learning experience in the form of cooking. This started out with the pre-made dough she brought from home and she let her students do the kneading. This was a heyday for the Italian 3 classes, being able to make a mess with the flour and spin pizza dough in the air.

Proceedingly, the students chopped up "carciofi" (artichokes), prosciutto, "salame" (salami), and mozzarella for their toppings. The Italian students even got to taste authentic Italian "salsa marinara" (marinara sauce). Out of all the marinara sauces I have had, the Mutti Tomato Puree was the absolute best; I will be driving to World Market the next time I make a pizza.

“It was really fun making the pizzas and being able to cut the vegetables,” said Jordan Mazmanian.

Once the dough was rested and the topping cut, it was time to create the pizzas. In groups of two and three, the students created their own variations to taste. In the end, there were about 7 different types of pizzas. When the bell rang, it was time for students to head to class, but they were invited back at lunch to eat their crafted delights. Being able to get out of class early and eat delicious Italian pizza was a delicacy.

“It was fun and nice to hang out with friends and make pizza,” said Daniella Golik.

Hopefully this will become a new tradition for the Italian class!


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